18th Mar 2009, 16:08

155 on the highway, LOL. I did that and my engine blew. OK, before you get the wrong idea here, you must consider that the previous owner apparently went to rebuild the engine at some point, and only replaced two of the rod bearing caps, leaving the others original. Not to mention my car unfortunately an automatic, and this contributed to the blowout seeing as at 155mph, 5000-6000rpm, in 4th gear, the lock thing that prevents accidental movement of the shifter was faulty from the previous owner, and allowed my shifter to accidentally shift me into 2nd gear.

Yes, as you can imagine, that was kinda scary seeing as a rod bearing cap shot straight through my oil pan LOL. Good news was there was practically NO damage whatsoever to the rest of the engine.

I would've taken this opportunity to do a rebuild, but I found a shelf engine with 65k miles on it for 600 bucks and jumped on that quick. I haven't had a single issue with the new engine ^_^

1st Oct 2010, 16:51

Well, my car also grown to be part of me... but I'm there now, I have the house, the wife and the kid. But that's the good part, the bad part is commuting each day to pay the bills.

My R/T sits in the driveway, broken. The car lately was riddled with problems. I solved some, but the price tag just gets higher and higher, from the electronic computers failing, automatic transmission randomly locked in 3rd gear, to plain mechanical failure. I maintained and repaired it, but it just too much.

It pains me a lot to see it won't survive the daily drive to work. All in all, it was the best car as far as excitement and pride that I ever had.

The powerful acceleration and mind boggling top speed are addicting, the luxury of leather seats, all the electrical controls, even the radio commands on the steering, cruise control, that strong AC that cooled the car within 1 minute... it simply has it all, and it's a 18 year old car.

I am unsure what I'll do honestly, the dread of driving a compact car is upon me, but I'm afraid there is no more choice for me.