25th May 2002, 23:39

I concur. The similarities in problems with this car and the Dodge dealerships are amazing. This car is worthless and I pity those who have them and do not know what it coming!

28th Sep 2002, 19:05

My Dodge Stratus also sucks. I have had it just five years. My left brake light goes out often, I just replaced the starter at 75,000 miles; My head gasket just blew; the spark plugs are no good, the catalytic converter has gone bad after only 75,000 miles. I am going to trade it in this week as a matter of fact and I will never buy another Chrysler product again.

31st Jul 2003, 15:00

I was looking for replacement parts and ran across this survey sight. I have a 96 Plymouth Breeze. Yes it too is a LEMON. I am still making payments on it and I have paid more money in replacement parts and labor than I have toward paying off the car. Right off the bat at 64,000 mile the Head Gasket went. I have had this car less than 4 years. I have put in a new Solenoid pack for the transmission and now a new transmission, a gas pump, 2 sway bar links, both outer ti-rods twice, both rear brake cylinders and brake lines, the O2 sensor, the erg, rear brake lights too many times to remember. I have also put 7 sets of brakes pads on and 4 or 5 sets of tires. I love the body style of the car, but will never buy another and would never recommend one to anyone else.

1st Feb 2004, 20:13

I LOVE MY CAR, but I hate that little orange light that says CHECK ENGINE.

23rd Mar 2004, 07:06

I have a 1997 Dodge Stratus. I have had it a little over a year, and so far I have put over $2,000 in repairs on it. A new manifold, steering pump, now the heat only comes on high and on a cold winter day when you get in the car that is freakin cold!!!. Same with the A/C I tried that and the same thing happens, nothing till its on high. It makes funny noises under the hood in the winter. I will never buy another dodge again. No wonder the other person got rid of it, but then again after getting insurance on it I think find out it had been in 3 major accidents. UGH.

23rd Mar 2004, 07:35

To the last comment: you'll never buy another Dodge, but then you say this car was in 3 major accidents. The fact that it is still on the road suggests that it is a tank. Of course its going to be in rough shape, but that is not Dodge's fault,ITS BEEN IN 3 MAJOR ACCIDENTS.

10th Sep 2004, 07:50

1998 Dodge Stratus ES 2.5 Liter V-6...Another bunch of problems with this Stratus as well. I've had the car now for almost 5 years and it's been one problem after the other. I've replaced the oil sending unit, the a/c has gone out and had several A/C related things replaced multiple times, replaced the radiator fan about a month ago (and now it's giving me problems again), replaced the oil cover gaskets, oil pan is now leaking a lot of oil, I was told by a mechanic that the catalyst seems to be failing, replaced belts, hoses, radiator cap, alternator, and with in the 5-6 years of it's life, I've had to replace the spark plugs and wires 3 times (which is nothing fun, considering you have to take the top end of the engine, such as the upper intake, completely off to reach the back 3 spark plugs), I've had the radiator roded once, the bolts cam loose on the a/c compressor (which I lost all the freon and spent a year driving without a/c till I found the problem), Now my next big challenges are, all the power locks in the car have failed to work permanently now, the plastic overhead dome light buttons have both broken and the clear coat on my car is shot!!!

(and trust me I've always hand washed this car, and waxed it at least 4 times a year) Now I have a serious knock within the engine! Anyways, I don't' recommend buying one of these cars, the are definitely JUNK! All these problems started occurring at 50,000 miles!

19th Jun 2010, 21:42

I own a 1996 Dodge Stratus and I love it. There are 2 different 1996 models, and I must have a good one. I've had it for 6 years, and when I bought it, it had 190000 kms, and it now has 409000. Awesome car.

3rd Jul 2010, 03:52

Take care of the car and it will take care of you. I religiously give it oil changes, transmission filter and fluid changes. Drain the radiator twice a year. My 98 Dodge Stratus has 365K miles and still runs like new. No funny sounds or smells or anything. However it is expected for parts like suspension, brakes, spark plugs, and bulbs to be changed... those things wear out...