1975 Dodge Van TRADSMAN B200 4 BAREL 440 GAS from Italy


My first car and best can I ever drove


Just the normal Dodge van problems, Had to replace starter every 2 years, Had to replace the right side idler arm 3 times over the years. Water pump went out at about 130,000 miles. Replaced Timing chain at 246,987 miles and replace carburetor with new holly, installed H.o. Crane cam. Trans started sliping at 375,000 after letting girlfriend drive van in a lake. Rebuilt 440 & 727 trans, Rebuilt front suspension. Still has the normal Dodge van steering play great van over all.

General Comments:

The van has great power and handling doe to the 3/4 ton suspension,109" wheel base and the 440 CID engine. I do need over-drive because the van gets 12 miles to a gallon on the high way and 6 miles in town. still a fun car to drive.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2007