1987 Dodge Van B150 225 CI from North America


I just bought a '92 B350, Dodge till the end!!!


Starter at 245,000 miles.

Transmission at 275,000 miles.

Never had to touch any internal part of the 22 cubic inch "Slant Six" engine.

Great compression, still!!

General Comments:

Great acceleration, and a good Dodge always scares the folks driving foreign "Roller Skate" cars!

The vinyl interior is a no frills real mans deal. Just go stomping in the woods, get the rig muddy inside, and all you have to do is HOSE off the interior for a cleaning. No fancy pretty boy leather seats and power windows here~

Great in the northern states snow season, without need for weight over the rear axle, and never failed while traveling off road in the hills. Don't need four wheel drive when you have a Dodge and no fear of cosmetic damage from whacking trees and rocks!

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Review Date: 5th August, 2002

1987 Dodge Van Ramwagon 150 3.7L 95hp from North America


Dependable to the bitter end


Air Conditioning went at 85k, starter went around 120k, fuel pump at 140k, minor internal and external repairs. Transmission and engine like new!

Driver seat worn to stuffing. Was in process of replacement when van destroyed.

Standard issue Dodge rust spots: Gas tank cover, battery shelf under hood, etc.

General Comments:

This no thrills conversion van is perhaps the best example of a reliable auto.

Despite being repainted before purchase, the van was fighting a losing battle with fading.

The engine would not stop, despite the complete absence of compression in the cylinders. Transmission shifted at the same speeds under all conditions.

You could not ask for a larger beast to drive around town. The lack of power features made maintance easy, the van was basic as all get-out.

This Dodge bomb had the accleration of a Pinto hauling a semi-trailer, but the cruising speed kept up with the traffic. My only complaint was that my 'DGE', as I called her (the 'DO' fell off the hood after an oil change) was destroyed by a flat bed tow truck. Oh well, at least I had the proud satisfaction of seeing my DGE getting underway by her own power to the junkyard. I'm still looking for a pre-1994 model to replace my loss.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2002