1990 Dodge Van 1 ton 360 from North America




Front end parts. Like most Dodges it goes thru ball joints and steering linkage parts.

Rear springs, though it always has a ton or so of people in it most of the time.

Oil pressure sending switch, small thing, another Dodge V-8 regular.

General Comments:

Have driven several one ton Dodge vans for the last seven years, and they all have the same maintenance issues around front end parts and rear springs.

Other than that, regular maintenance, tires and brakes is all this vehicle goes thru -- but not at an unreasonable weight.

It averages 10-14 miles per imperial gallon. 360 gas motor.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003

26th Nov 2014, 19:11

The first poster was absolutely correct about typical Dodge front end issues. With or without quality service experts, the parts will fail PERIOD. I have owned several and can say without a doubt that Chrysler needs help with front end components, especially Jeep steering boxes.

Never heard of an oil sending unit failing from flooring a vehicle.