1999 Dodge Van D250 318 FI from North America


Poor factory complaince


When I purchased this van it had 38,000 miles. I bought the extended warranty sold by the dealer. I’m glad I did. I left the dealership and went to AutoZone. Purchased a new oil filter and mobile 1 oil. I changed the oil that same say, better safe than sorry. Less than 3, 000 miles the engine locked up. They put in a new engine. I changed the oil at 1, 000 miles. I changed the oil every 3,000 miles at 71,000 the engine locked up again. The dealer said it was from not changing the oil. Now they have a recall on the catalectic converters they get plugged up and cause excessive engine wear. They still won't replace the engine, but will replace the converter.

General Comments:

This van is a high top conversion and is very comfortable. However, unless it has had the catalectic converter changed don't buy one. Not all of them have this type of converter. So some of them are OK.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2006

1999 Dodge Van from North America


This automobile is not a bargain at all


When I bought the van at 8000 miles, there was a ticking sound in the valves. After driving the van for an additional 7000 miles, the engine dropped a valve. Dodge replaced the engine at no cost after investigating the cause of the problem. The 318 has some problems with oil distribution, it wasn't being pumped to the upper valve trains with equal pressure.

This 318 already has some running problems like, skipping, spark knocking, lunging, low power, low power is a characteristic of the 318. The 318 has never run with too much vigor and I bought another, that was my fault. All in all, I say don't buy an automobile with a Dodge or Chrysler 318 engine.

The Chevrolet 5.7L (350 cubic Inch) is the best running and has a higher tolerance for abuse.

General Comments:

I like my conversion van with all it's accessories and good seating arrangements.

I have always wondered why dodge doesn't make 60-40 hinged side doors. The way these doors are made equal in size is causing real big problems with entering the conversion van. A person has to open both doors to get in because the front passenger seat obstructs the front hinged side door. Even without this being a conversion, the same problem exist, you can't enter from the side, without opening both doors unless you are a contortionist.

I am sure the engineers are listing, yea right.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2003

21st Apr 2004, 13:37

I have to agree with your comments. I have a Dodge Ram 3500 cargo van that is used only for work. I think it is the same design since the 70's with some minor changes. I am a big guy 6'3" and it is a very uncomfortable vehicle. The hump for the front wheels protrudes into the floor to much, you can't even put both feet flat on the floor. The rear doors only open up to 4' which doesn't give you a whole lot of room to load things. The van is very unstable at highway speeds even without strong winds. I can't complain about the engine I put 51,000 miles. in one year and it runs strong. I owned a Ford E350 before this and rented a 2003 Chevy for 2 months waiting for the Dodge to arrive. I would definitely spend the extra money on the Chevy if I had a chance, but it is a company vehicle and I didn't buy it.

11th Apr 2005, 11:57

How were you able to get Dodge to put in a new engine in your van?. We have a 1995 Dodge Van Wagon, and for the past 5 years it has been giving us all sort's of problems. We have tried to get Dodge to help us, but they refuse, if you can tell me how you were able to get a hold of someone please let me know at, SCRIBLESCRABLE68@AOL.COM.

4th Dec 2010, 07:14

I have the 3500 series Dodge van. Got a great deal on it at the time. But have definitely spent any initial savings at time of purchase, on repairs.

It just never ends; ball joints, power steering pump, fuel pump, starter, radiator, brakes and more brakes, backfiring for some odd reason. Dodge doesn't even know why, as when I take it to them, it never does it, and it is not showing up on the diagnostic.

After spending a fortune at the dealer on a full tune up and tests, I have just given up trying to fix it. I just drive it with the backfire.

I have never seen so much rust on any other vehicle in my life. It started as surface rust, and next thing I knew, I had holes in the roof and floor.

I would only buy another Dodge again if I was leasing, and only a short term lease.