1989 Eagle Premier ES Limited 3.0 from North America


I wish they still made them..


My wires for my radio touched together and made my heater come on, and it drained my battery. Also, my coolant sensor went bad and my automatic seat belts don't function at times. Tranny slips from time to time.

General Comments:

This car's great. It's fast, responsive, and steers like it's on rails. The seats are ridiculously comfy and supportive. The instrument's are really driver oriented. I paid 350 bucks for it off of Ebay, and drove it 1000 miles from Cleveland to New Orleans the same day, without a minute of trouble.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2004

2nd Jun 2004, 07:04

Glad to hear your experience (so far) has not been typical for this model. Look at some of the other reviews for the Premier to see why they DON'T make them anymore, at least not for the North American market.

Good luck with your Premier.

You'll need it.

19th Aug 2004, 11:25

That's the only positive for this car, if you buy it now it will cost you almost nothing if not actually being paid to haul it away by the previous owner. Considering the car cost more than a Honda Accord at release and similiar Accords can still bring a few thousand, the original owners never got their money's worth.

20th Aug 2005, 12:54

I bought mine for $350 and couldn't have spent my money better. It has problems I associate with age, but the real problem is that mechanics don't want to work on it. It is tough to effect a repair. I don't care if it's worth nothing to somebody else, I'll probably drive it until the wheels fall off, anyway. I figure that to be about 30 oil changes from now. The engine (3.0 V-6) runs like brand new. I can scrape dirt OFF my finger when I check the tailpipe. I don't love inanimate objects, but I sure like this car!

14th Aug 2006, 18:47

This was a great car. I never had a problem with mine until about 125,000 miles when the tranny went. About 1997, a friend of mine backed into it and broke out the front turn signal. I went to my nearest Jeep/Eagle Dealer in Toledo, Oh and they literally laughed at me, saying I had the only Premier left on the road that wasn't a piece of junk. I don't think they were bad cars, but the dealers who sold them didn't care about them that much, with the much more profitable Jeep franchise with them. Chrysler would have been better off not having an Eagle division at all and selling the car as a 1988 Plymouth Sport Fury.

1989 Eagle Premier ES 3.0 OHC V6 from North America


Great for snow or long trips, and the price is right


Crank shaft sensor went out right after we bought it. The part was cheap.

Thermostat another cheap part. And now the heater doesn't blow warm. Just cold, but trying to get it fixed.

AC didn't work when we bought it.

Windows roll slowly in the cold.

General Comments:

The car is fabulous on gas.

Handles like a dream. Had 12 inches of snow on the roads, didn't need studs or chains.

Has extremely strong horsepower, bad for a lead foot since you can't tell you're going as fast as you are.

Seat are very comfy for long trips. Nice large windows for all around visibility.

Huge trunk space, and the inside seating and foot area is very spacious.

The body is classic like a Volvo or a BMW. Makes ya feel good without paying a lot.

When this car dies we want another, it's an all around dream car.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2004

1989 Eagle Premier ES 3.0 from North America


An inexpensive European sedan


Inner tie rod end replaced at 233km.

Driver's side ball joint replaced at 237km.

Wheel bearing replaced at 237km.

Transmission flushed at 238km.

General Comments:

These cars are very reliable and tough. The guy I bought it from had a junk yard, so imagine in what shape the car was in, the transmission was very low in oil, the car was so dirty, I didn't know the color of the carpet inside. I've been looking for a Premier for almost a year before I bought this one. Too bad they don't built them anymore, they are very good looking car even if it's 14 yrs old, really reliable and very comfortable ride. I really like it.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2003

1st Jun 2005, 16:11

Please tell me how you found your inner tie rod! I'm stuck with an 89 premier that needs one, but I can't find it anywhere. xpistols_at_dawnx@yahoo.com thank you.