24th Apr 2008, 22:17

Just bought one 1993 AWD. Luv it.

22nd Jul 2008, 14:54

I'm glad to read that you like the car you JUST bought. And in a few months, your mechanic will love YOU even more.

31st May 2009, 06:14

Hey first of all, you bought a sports car. It has a turbo charged engine... you're not going to get the best gas mileage or most reliability, and you should research a car before you buy it, you should change the timing belt every 60000 miles on the Talon; it says it in the owner's manual.

3rd Oct 2009, 09:53

The review was written when gas prices were starting to go through the roof. Just wanted to warn everyone.

I think you shot yourself in the foot on the "Don't buy a sports car if you want reliability." Talons aren't reliable, period.

Timing belt comment. No... really? Again, warning the readers. The very purpose of this site.

Easy for you to say "Should have done your research." and look like a hero.

And most off all, I didn't just let the car fall apart, and ignore the problems. Read the general comments... read the WHOLE review before commenting.

15th Oct 2009, 14:04

I have a 1993 TSI AWD. It has 92,000 miles. Does the 1/4 mile @ 11.38 sec @ 126 mph and gets is like the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller's day off; it gets wiped down with a dipper.

I have worked on the car since 1995 when it was a friend's car, and now I have had it for five years with no problems.

These cars are what you make them... or you have a lemon that will steal your $$$$. If you have a 7 bolt? Get a Eagle industries crank with ACL bearings or you will have a big issue with torsional twist and crank walk. If you are going to run ARP main studs, then you need to get some stud dawls, because there will be 23 1/2 thousands lateral play, because ARP studs have no shoulder and your thrust bearing will say goodbye. If you have the 6 bolt, then good for you. The problem with the timing belt is you need to understand how to correctly install it.

MPG can be fixed with a proper tune; I get about 375 miles per tank!! Go to Buschurracing.com and buy the book on making your DSM go fast. Jarred or Nick and possible Dave will be happy to help you with your V8 killer.

19th Nov 2009, 08:30

I love my 1993 Eagle Talon ES; only 150k miles and I've only had to do regular maintenance on it for the last 16 years.

However, this last June, it started to have startup problems. Unfortunately, they have been intermittent, and every time I take it to a mechanic, the car will start without a problem.

In fact, the car wouldn't start for the last 2 days, and my mechanic made a "house call" this morning and the car started.

Since the car is 16, the 2 different mechanics I've worked with haven't seen this issue on a Talon.

At this point, they can't determine if it's electrical or mechanical. Evidently, the ECU memory is cleared when the car shuts down, so there isn't any diagnostic info saved.

I'd appreciate any feedback or resources to look into; sensor info, etc.

(and no, I won't junk it. The car runs wonderfully WHEN it can start).



5th Aug 2010, 13:28

93 TSi. LOVE the AWD and power from an upgraded turbo (16G big). HATE all the money it eats up, but that's what you get when you buy a older poor-mans-sports-car :)

Hard starting can be caused by a corroded splice in a loom of wires behind the drivers headlight.

Idle surge is caused from the IPS (idle position sensor) and idle screw adjustments.

I can't believe no one has complained about the clutch! I HATE my gearbox! Changed the clutch, fork, thrust bearing, clutch and slave cylinders, and still LOWWWW clutch. Gears grind on and off. Seems to shift better when cold? A short shifter helped the grinding a bit, but comes back still. Reverse is bad for grinding into it.

Everything has its quirks, and this is the PERFECT car for me!

15th Aug 2010, 20:08

I bought my TSI FWD new back in 1993, and I have had it since then.

I have to admit that, at first, I hated the car. The biggest issue that I had with this thing was that the idle speed was surging between 600-900 RPM. There were times (a lot of them) when the engine would die at the stop light, and not start again. I took it to several dealers and none of them could fix it. I was told that it could be the computer, but no one was sure. Then a friend of mine, who happens to me a mechanic, noticed one day that the mileage on the car was way too low, at 30,000+ miles when the car was 12 years old. He recommended that that could be the issue and I should drive it more. I did that, for the past 5 years I put over 50,000 miles in it, and the car has been trouble free since then.

It's got over 85,000 miles now, burns a little oil (about 1 qt/3 months), the paint job has seen better days, but overall, the car still runs like a charm.