1992 Eagle Vision TSi 3.5L DOHC 24v V6 from North America


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I bought the car at a police auction for $1000.00, plus conversion, keys, etc. Thus the 9/10 rating for the dealer, they were nice and the price was right... in it's own way.

I have no idea what was down to this car prior to my ownership. When I bought it there was a loud knock in the engine, at 122,278. Turned out to be spun rod bearing, don't know how that happened. One of the rocker arms was bad as well. So an engine at a local junk yard was $650.00 with 60,000 some odd miles on it, so now there is about 69-70,000 miles on the engine. This engine run beautifully!

Fuel pump was bad when I bought it, $150.14 at Auto-zone, Very easy to put in. Fuel line recently had a pinhole leak in front of te filter $300.00 for lines and installation, maybe $10 for filter.

The transmission has 131,300 miles on it and still shifts good. Although the cable for the overdrive is loose, I do believe, so it jumps in and out of overdrive at 40-50 mph.

A backlight in mph on the dash has gone out (before I bought it). The passenger does not more forward and back correctly, the left side moves, but the right seems to be stuck (since I bought it). The stock stereo sounded real nice! Just wasn't what I wanted, I have replaced it with a Sony MEX-5DI AM/FM-CD/MP3 player. The stock door and back lid speakers have been replaced with top end Sony's, still using stock amp and tweeters, but I disconnected the middle tweeter on the dash.

Back part of trunk was rusted through very badly, bought a silver trunk lid off a Concorde. Had bad dents in the driver fender and door from previous owner, mirror was busted new years night 2004, so I bought a purple fender and door at another junk yard, $350 for all three, great deal considering those doors can go for $300. Keep in mind the was a green car. It is now has green to gold flip paint.

Front brakes and rotors were replaced 350 miles ago, $200-$250. Tie rod ends seems to be loose, $48 a piece with lifetime warranty. Needs new tires soon.

Quite roomy, leather interior is quite nice. But it will be green and gold crush velvet soon.

General Comments:

Very good performance sedan. I highly recommend the car. It can get noisy at high speeds, but, what are you going to do? Stays on the road nice at 100 plus mph.

Great on gas considering it's size and performance.

Amazing sounding stock stereo, just disconnect the middle tweeter on the dash to eliminate the bad sound, one minute job, makes a big difference.

These cars have amazing crash test ratings, thankfully I haven't had to experience that in this car.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2004