26th Jan 2002, 18:51

I own a 1994 348 Spider and love it. It is my 5th Ferrari having owned a 328GTS, 400GT, TR and 330GTC before. It is my first convertible Ferrari and the most fun by far. If you can only own one Ferrari in a life time, it MUST be a Spider!

21st Sep 2002, 08:07

I have a '92 348 ts.

The car has the standard Ferrari quirks, but overall it is a tremendous automobile for the money. It keeps up with its big brother the testarossa which says a lot for a 3.4L. Look for a post '92 to get the updated suspension which eliminated some of the twitchiness the car has when over 130 mph. Seating is tight and repairs are getting expensive due to lack of sufficient parts in this country. Try overseas for parts on cars of the early nineties. If buying one used be sure it has had all scheduled services. If the cam belts haven't been done at the right intervals walk. The price to repair damaged from bad belts is in the teens.

30th Oct 2002, 12:17

I own a 1990 348ts and love it!

7th Dec 2002, 09:25

Anyone have recommendations on where I can rent one in the Bay Area, California? I can't seem to find info on-line about the "Luxtrans Rentals" place that the original commenter made.


26th Jan 2004, 22:52

I own a 1994 348 Street Challenge car (Targa). Apparently very rare and one of 13 made. I had to do a lot of research to learn about it. Now to the good stuff: I love my 348! I have had it since 1998. Bought it with 28,000 miles. It is extremely dependable, fast, comfortable, and it handles and brakes extremely well. People freak out when they see it, which becomes a little too addictive. At track events it runs with the 355s, the Porsche's, and Z06 Corvettes. I think the 348, which in the early years of the model received more than it's share of bad automotive press, is an incredible value. Easily the most distinguishable Ferrari (with the Testarossa), and often confused for the same. A great buy and not too common. Even my wife loves ours!

25th Aug 2006, 19:16

The 348 was my first Ferrari drive and one of my personal favorites. Although adequate, I must disagree about the braking system. I find it antiquated, squeaky and not up to par with my 2003 Porsche 911.

The 348 spyder is still a classic road machine hands down.

22nd Nov 2007, 01:55

I am so pleased to read that other people love the spider as much as I do. I have owned many many convertible sport cars i.e Porsche, Jags, Alfa romeos/ and nothing and I mean nothing compares to a mint conditioned 348 spider.

Ciao tutti.