29th Sep 2003, 19:27

This is directed to the writer of the original message. Dude, it's a Ferrari. You DO NOT drive a Ferrari in the rain. The people at Ferrari designed for if you "accidentally" got caught in the rain. I cannot believe you are complaining about the repair costs. IT'S A FERRARI!!! Of course it is going to be expensive. Most people who can afford to buy one don't care about repair costs or gas mileage or things like that. If your that up-tight about it, learn how to work on it yourself. Same thing goes with Porsche and all the other expensive sports cars. My God...

2nd Oct 2003, 09:35

I can see a Ferrari 348 ts from my window as I speak, its on my drive. This car ia not made for driving in the rain - Its based on an F1 car, a Ferrari is the closet thing to 1!!! High maintence costs??? Why would you even buy a Ferrari if you don't have money?!?!?! It's a stunning car and as fast as any other car. If you don't like it go buy a Porsche or a Ford Focus!!!

17th Jun 2004, 02:18

The 348 is nothing like an F1 car, not one bit of it. That is frankly a ridiculous statement. If you read reviews the 348 is, and never was, a good car.

1st Oct 2006, 08:13

I have a 1990 Ferrari 348 ts. It is a fantastic car and a thrill to drive. The only negative thing is the sticky components, vents on the dash. How can I fix this?

17th Jun 2007, 12:34

How do you fix the sticky vents, any suggestions.

10th Aug 2007, 06:30

Just buy the vents for the 355; they fit perfectly, and will only put you back about $500.00 (new finish look). Go to Ricambiamerica.com to buy them.

7th Feb 2009, 10:24

The best way to address the sticky dash issue with 348/355 is to contact www.stickynomore.com.

16th Jan 2010, 17:23

Well -

I stumbled across this site - again - seven years after I posted my comment. It was deja vu. When I read comment #1, I thought that the writer had the same experience as me.

After reading the comment a couple of times, I realized that it was a post I had made back in 2003.

I still own the car. I'm ten years into the deal now, and have not changed my opinion. The car is drop-dead gorgeous. Beyond that, it is a total piece of crap. I would never own one again. All of my comments are still true and I have not changed my opinion.

I have a couple of new comments to make:

1. Regarding the sticky parts: I took the car to a place that works on imports - had them remove all of the A/C vents, console parts, etc. I bought a couple of gallons of alcohol - soaked them - and the sticky stuff came off easily with a paint brush.

I had the door handles powder coated (temp for applying is 285 degrees - metal is OK, but plastic vents won't take this temperature). Had the plastic stuff painted - looks same as original. I can't imagine why the Italians could not anticipate this problem.

2. Special note to the person that called me a "poser".

I own six cars at the moment. None of the others leak, and none of them have sticky plastic parts that ruin your clothes. I doubt that you have ever owned one of these cars.

Lexus, thy name is good design and reliability.

Corvette, thy name is spectacular performance.

Ferrari, thy name is a deficient product.

3rd Apr 2010, 20:51

Hello all, I own a 92 348 ts and have no sticky anything. Car looks and sounds amazing all the time. I did just get a gas leak and freaked out as I lost 70 bucks of gas. Not sure what went wrong here; has this happened to anyone else?

This is my 1st problem in 2 years.

Thanks all.


13th Apr 2011, 22:44

I know all about Ferraris.

I'm tired of the so called hype of the serial number stuff. What's the big deal anyway? You buy it, you drive it, you maintain it and then keep it or sell it for another one or a different car.

Interior materials are a joke, overrated repair shops are a joke, ripping people off because

they think they can.

If you want reliability? Don't get a Ferrari.

29th Apr 2011, 22:44

People who blast those criticising the car are defending Ferrari when they shouldn't. A leaking roof is NOT acceptable in a car this expensive. I'm sure Ferrari could have put the effort in to make a decent one for their high paying customers. You should not have to put up with faults like this in a premium car, nor any car for that matter. The terrible interior materials are another example of a lack of care during design. What's wrong with having a car that's fun to drive every day, not just when the weather is perfect and the engine will only start because it was serviced 30 seconds ago?

21st Oct 2012, 14:16

I have a 348ts 1990. I paid 31,600 for the car, & have put in 40,000 so far to restore the car's drive train. All work was done at Ferrari in my city. This car is amazing & well advanced for its time. I had the car raised up 3/4” and that stopped it from scraping the front. This is not my everyday driver, but I have put huge miles on it in the 2 years I've had the car. Yes, OEM parts are not cheap! But really no toy ever is; you've got to pay to play boys! If you wanna own this car or any other Ferrari, you're gonna have to get out your wallet.