29th Jun 2004, 09:42

I bought a 1993 348TB with 21k on the clock in October 1993. I've had a fantastic time with it ever since and am deeply in love. I get quite annoyed when people point out the many many flaws in the 348.

The best way to buy one is to take someone who has already owned a Ferrari (or preferably more than one) with you. That way you might stand half a chance of making a rational decision as opposed to becoming your 7 year old self in possession of £35k & a drivers license.

1) Make sure the spring platforms on the suspension have been replaced (there was a recall on them for this, but Ferrari now deny all knowledge as they will no longer carry out the work on warranty).

2) Make sure the cambelt service has been done, hopefully the clutch as well - recently.

3) Ask the dealer to throw in a nose respray - -the cars get lots of stone chips etc & its nice to start off clean.

4) Check your electric windows carefully, these regularly go wrong.

I've found the car to be incredibly reliable although we are doing our first major trip 2,000miles across Europe in August & I'll confirm if its up to it after that.

I still feel proud every time I look at it, to me its prettier than the redtop & 355. I don't understand people who say it isn't quick - go drive it and nail it through second & third gear... if you dare keep your foot down!


22nd Nov 2007, 02:30

Thousands of miles away, but we own almost similar vehicles.

I too a Porsche s2 cabriolet daily driver and my new love in my life (hope the gal not reading this) a 94 348 spider.

P.s Do not give up either car, too different animals, but oh such fun beasts.

Ciao tutti.