5th Feb 2008, 14:04

A previous comment in Sep 07 stated "I shouldn't have to do any major maintenance for the next 4 years, and will only do oil changes once per year, as I plan to put on a couple of thousand miles per year." but I think the cam belt must be changed every 3 years regardless of mileage, and that is not cheap. Otherwise it was very informative, and I look forward to taking ownership of a 360 very soon!

20th Apr 2009, 19:34

First time to the site. Enjoyed most of the comments. Regarding potential damage from those intent on getting their kicks, not much you can do to prevent it if you ever leave the car parked unattended (even for a few minutes), allow a valet to park it for you or give the keys to a friend for a drive. Having just purchased an 03 360 Modena (6 speed manual), it's something you know going in. As one person said earlier, unfortunately there are idiots everywhere, in Europe, the U. S and here in Canada. No question the draw to a Ferrari exceeds most other makes. However, even my 745i has been deliberately damaged over the past few years (one time having caught a 30 something couple pushing a shopping cart hard into the side of the car). No, I wasn't double parked or whistled at the guys girl. I guess they just didn't like the car or couldn't stand the fact that I had one and they didn't. So instead of getting physical, I just called the police.

Regarding the 360, my original intention of purchase was a 512TR but at 6'4" this just would not work, no matter how I tried to convince myself I "might" get used to it and be comfortable. By contrast, the 360 fit like a glove plus the obvious benefits of new technology, etc. etc.

Looking forward to many satisfying years of driving this automotive beauty.

The dream has come true.

1st Jul 2010, 13:48

Oh dear me NO! I've just put a deposit down on a Ferrari Spider F1. I've driven past the showrooms late at night just to ogle at it from the pavement.

These comments I've just read have startled me. How the world has changed. Back in the 1980's I owned a Lamborghini Countach 5000s, and never had a moments grief, only having to contend with crowds of admirers every time I returned to it. I used to leave it anywhere!

Now I am soon to experience just how the world has changed. I am sure I will enjoy it thoroughly though, using it only for that special journey, and picking a seat near the window of every restaurant I visit. The bonus will come as I watch the admiring glances of passers by at my lovely Ferrari 360 Spider.