21st May 2006, 21:45

I had a 78 in 83...same problems... best thing that happened, someone rear-ended me and it was totalled.

2nd Dec 2006, 04:01

I took my 128 3p from the UK to Spain. In Spain the engine dropped, the tripod joints disintegrated and rear hatch bolts rusted. Great engine, nice 4-speed box though. I replaced many rusted panels in Spain from scrapped Seat 128 3p (which had a 1400 engine with terrible gearing). Eventually the front brakes locked solid and the car was no more.

10th Oct 2007, 21:01

These comments are right on and bring back some really bad memories. I bought a 78 128 sport coupe in the orange/red color--fantastic shape and loved the back lights as they were so different. I bought this in 1981 and sold it in 1982. Was in law school in Toledo Ohio, and it wouldn't start on an overcast day, the heater in the car would only get so warm (guess no warmer than it would be in Rome)and I would freeze my toes on my ride home on breaks. The motor would start to decelerate at whim on long trips and then you would have to pull over to the side of the road for 15 minutes and try again. A piece of crap! Got a lot of compliments on the back lights though!

30th Oct 2007, 01:59

Sounds like I am the lucky one. My 3p is excellent. Completely reliable and almost rust free.

It is faster and more economical than my 1.8 16v Ford Laser (In Nth Queensland I need a car with air-con).

It handles better than any FWD car I have tried with the possible exception of my previous 128 sedan which had less grip, but was easily recoverable from hilarious oversteer angles. The steering is as good as any car I have driven including RWDs.

It is economical and practical comfortable and not too noisy, even at a 5000rpm cruise.

2nd Feb 2008, 16:37

I owned two 3Ps in the 1980s. Both were brilliant little cars. Fast accelerating and economical. Practical and pretty, and never expensive to run.

Yes the tartan seats frayed, and the wheel jack chewed the doors, and the heater was rubbish, but for 70's Italian car, only the doors would rot and the engine was unburstable.

I can't believe the stream on negative comments for such a sweet characterful and underrated car. Long live every 3P Berlinetta still on the road!

3rd Mar 2008, 08:23

I had good times with mine, only had one serious problem due to Fiat steel (body by Kleenex, as we say about 70's Fiats and Alfas). I added my review to this site. I haven't had mine in years, but it's fun to go to the enthusiast web sites and remember zipping around in the 3P.

13th Sep 2008, 21:35

Bought a brand new 128 3P in 1978. It was a blast to drive. I had a buddy with an Omni TC3 with a 1600cc motor. The little Fiat could blow the doors off the Omni. Only problem I had was with reverse. Had to hold the gear shift lever in the reverse detent or it would pop out.

16th Apr 2009, 10:04

I still own my two 128 3ps - one owned since 1985 and the other since 1988. I can't remember suffering any serious problems with either of them. While they were on the road, they were both a joy to drive, although I admit they were noisy at high speeds. Acceleration (0-60mph in a little less than 11 seconds) was very good in its day and still looks OK now. Mine would also top 100mph. They eventually fell foul to corrosion although they were at least 17 years old and I'm now restoring one of them. I'm looking forward to driving it again.

29th Jun 2009, 10:42

I have owned my 3p for 5 years now, and I would NEVER sell it. It took me 9 years to find a good 'un. It's a '79 silver special series with under 38k on the clock. The bodywork needs to be looked at soon, but the craic I have had with this car is unbelievable. I challenge any owner of a modern 1300 car to rev it to 9000 rpm without blowing it to pieces! Long live the 3p.

1st Nov 2010, 18:27

Mine was a brand new 1978. It slowly fell to pieces. It rusted everywhere! When both front wheels fell off it was time to junk it. The body rusted away where the front suspension attached.

But it was a better car than my 1973 Spyder, which broke in half, due to rust. Why am I considering buying a new 500, when they come to America?