1967 Fiat 850 Spider 843 cc from North America


A piece of automotive art


Carb problems all the time, generator had to be rebuilt twice, starter twice, head gaskets twice, caught fire twice. Oh, and in the winter, the pipes going to the heater would always freeze up.

General Comments:

This was my college car, and I loved it! It handled great, but was a bit twitchy if you pushed it too hard in a turn; spun it out a few times. Was way underpowered, but never had problems keeping up with traffic. I would spend the week driving her, and the weekend fixing her.

Had a bad habit of vibrating out the idle needle valves, carb adjustment screws, if you didn't LockTite them. (Made for some fun times waiting with the girlfriend until my dad showed up with spare parts).

She was a '67 without the side markers, had the headlight covers, and as far I'm concerned, was one of the best looking sports cars ever made. She even had an early version of daytime driving lights; if you switched the toggle to the center position, only the headlights came on, no taillights. Great for hiding from the police!

Great gas mileage! 45+ MPG and she sat so low, she would fit under parking lot gates so she saved me tons on parking fees.

I bought another '67 in 2009 and may have her on the road in 2011, if I can find the parts. Getting hard to find now.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2010