1999 Fiat Bravo JTD105 SX 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Superb engine, shame about the rest of the car...


Whines from the transmission.

Rattles from the fascia.

Oil leak from the gearbox.

Loss of hydraulic fluid from the steering.

General Comments:

My previous car was a Bravo TD100 and I thought it was very good, so when Fiat brought out this new engine I thought it would be even better....

The engine is, it's superb, pulls from nowhere, leaves no smoke behind it, uses a bit of fuel though, but hey, it's great... trouble is, the rest of the car's crap.

I've been a Fiat owner for at least 15 years, and always thought they were a good car for a good price, easily worked on, fairly reliable, but I'm sorry to say quality is flagging now. I might get another but I would definitely think twice now..

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Review Date: 7th September, 2000

10th Oct 2004, 13:55

I agree with this review, the engine really is very good, great low range torque and effortless motorway cruising, I get 60mpg on a run (600 mile tank range) and 52mpg everywhere else (500 mile tank range)...however, the following items rattle..doors, dash, radio buttons, rear seats.. and something in the engine bay which I've never found as it only happens when the car is moving, most things electrical have failed and cost lots, ie rear fog light relay is built into switchgear £100, wiper relay is built into the motor £400...the list goes on. Great to look at, nice to drive, but definitely my first and last Fiat (Bravo JTD100 HLX 2001-Y) Stick with Japanese or German cars.

1999 Fiat Bravo HLX 1.8 16V from UK and Ireland


Wish I'd bought the Bravo HGT!!


Steering wheel airbag cover was misaligned and looked like it would 'fire' towards the drivers side window.

Second gear and synchromesh had to be replaced after 12k miles when the gear refused to engage smoothly at high revs.

The inlet manifold temperature sensor corroded over winter so the car ran on cold settings continuously.

Rear hatch key lock does not work.

Grundig CD changer packed in out of the warranty period.

General Comments:

All the faults were corrected quickly and without fuss by the dealer. No complaints there.

The car does feel a little bit underpowered sometimes and the engine is surprisingly thirsty.

The front end of the car seems to collect stonechips quite easily.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2000