24th Mar 2003, 10:33

You all talk about your Saxon's, Chinkychento's and Fiesta's being cheap and fast. In standard form my 1985 Lada Riva 1.3GL can go from 0-60 and can do nearly 80mph with the choke out. It has alloy-look wheel trims, heated rear window and soon I am going to stick a GTI badge on the boot lid, which should make it top 120mph with ease. The only downside is that it doesn't have an alarm or an inobulizer, and it is doesn't always start first time in hot weather or damp weather, though it usually starts at night without any problems. It starts OK in cold weather (don't forget they are designed for use in Russia, and they had a 30 year cold war). If anyone thinks their Fiesta 2XR's etc. are as fast as Larry the Lada, they're wrong.

29th Apr 2003, 11:37

Cinq's are fast, turbo ones anyway. A mate and I built a turbo Cinq, 0-60 in 7 sec, top speed of nearly 125mph. This thing beats a Seat Ibiza Cupra, and that's a 1.8 20V turbo with 156bhp. A little more playing with the engine should see a healthy 120bhp, or maybe more, and 0-60 down to mid 6's.

19th Jun 2004, 09:18

I am just 17 and have bought a Cinq. Sporting 98'R as my first car, with a weeny 21 000 miles - it was either this or a boring 1.1 mk. 2 fiesta, and I know Iv'e made the right choice. The engine noise and deceptive quickness put the biggest grin on your face and people really do stop and stare - amazing for a car costing less than 2 grand, and you really can be liked on the roads... the only thing fiesta zetecs do is be pretentious.

27th Feb 2006, 17:44

I greatly respect many of the reviews on this site, but this thread is flooded with teenagers who have watched "The Fast and the Furious" too many a time.

It's a fact, the little Fiat gets to 60mph in 13 seconds, a Saxo VTS would absolutely ANNIHILATE it in a drag race and round any kind of racetrack for that matter...

The Fiat is probably not a bad car, but it is not a fast car.

9th Mar 2006, 05:40

I agree with the above comment. A 1.1 Sporting is not comparable to any current hot hatch. The only way to have a Cinquecento even remotely keep up with the aforementioned cars would be to replace the engine with a 1.25 Punto one, and whack a turbo on it. And strip the whole car out (and ditch your passengers).

28th May 2006, 11:43

That 0-60 is my Cinquecento ;) It's not a 1242 turbo, it's just a 1108 high boost.

It's my 5th 'cento (4th Cinquecento) and have had 2 1242's before this one. The turbo just can't be beat for grin factor, not to mention people stopping to stare.

For more info (or if you question its authenticity!) come on www.fiatforum.com and pop into the Cinquecento section. I'm the moderator there under the nick GhostWKD.

If you're thinking of buying a Cinquecento or even a Seicento, my one and only thing to say on that would be to do it, you won't regret it :)



5th Dec 2007, 07:37

Sorry people, the Cinq is a fun to drive little car, but please don't compare it to proper hot-hatches like the Saxo VTS, which is as quick as the Civic VTi, Punto GT Turbo, Fiesta ST and the rest. The VTS is actually quicker to 60 than a HGT Punto (7.6 vs 8.0), so why on earth would a Cinq stand half-a-chance? Turbo or not you'll be straining its compact engine which was never designed to be a performance engine, but rather an economy one with a low output. Standard it won't even get close to a 1.1i Saxo unfortunately. A Ford Ka Duratec will give you a hard-enough time. Fun cars yes, but don't get carried away kids...

6th Dec 2007, 16:05

Hi I have a cinquecento 1.1 sporting I am looking for a turbo kit for the 1108 low boost kit, if anyone has any ideas to were I can find one please leave a comment.



8th Jul 2008, 07:29

They are not fast in anyway, except to a young inexperience driver, im not slagging them off I don't think they are bad cars but there not fast, yes they do handle well. but I had a £100 1.1 rover metro it was a terable piece of crap but it would destroy the sporting versions off the lights and on the motorway. I've driven them but never owned 1, they aren't great but there is something about them, I would have 1 if I was looking for a cheap fun car.

9th Oct 2008, 23:57

So, what people are implying is that for a first car, I should go out and buy a badly built tin can that "turns heads" and proceed to spend £10,000 invalidating my insurance, and losing any reliability that I may (or may not) have started off with.

"Yeah but its got a turbo". Great. You're a legend.

Who cares if it "smokes a saxo"? I would say at the very least 70% of cars manufactured these days can "smoke" a saxo, it's nothing to be proud of.

10th Oct 2008, 00:00

Boy racer in "fast" 10sec 0-60 shocker.