1994 Fiat Coupe Plus 16v turbo from Germany


Looks great and goes well


So far, touch wood, nothing. I have a few things to fix and have booked the car in for a service. There is a noisy air-con vent valve. I want to do the air-con service, and the full 60,000 km service at a main dealer and also perhaps change the cam-belt (expensive).

A couple of bits and pieces need attending to, but nothing major.

General Comments:

Car looks great. The standard of fittings inside is a bit cheap but "gives the car it's character", or so they say.

The car is a bit bumpy and I am not sure if it is usual at the moment. It is even bumpier than my last car, (Audi RS2), and feels less under control. We shall see how it behaves at speed.

Headlights seem to have no penetration and so I will try and adjust these tonight.

Overall, the car is in very good condition and I am very pleased with the purchase. Goes very well with, of course, some torque steer. I would be interested in driving the 20v turbo. I shall have to wait and see how it performs in wet and snowy weather as well.

This review is basically a starting point. I will revisit in the future as the experience piles up. Any thoughts now will always be clouded by the ownership of the RS2.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 9th May, 2001

20th Dec 2001, 01:13

An addition to the review now Winter is here.

Car still very reliable (only a battery has caused me problems). No problems in the snow until now. I have new Winter tyres on it. Car is fast, a bit noisy at speed, but the harsh ride has really got me down. With Winter tyres it is slightly better, but it is up for sale in January.

Perhaps I am too old for a bumpy car?

3rd Dec 2003, 06:06

Sounds like you are too old for the car! Bit noisy at speed? It sounds GREAT at high revs!

13th Jan 2005, 02:34

Don't get me wrong, the 16v Turbo is an outstanding car, but why would you replace an RS2 with it??

3rd Jun 2006, 03:56

Two reasons, one the RS2 is German, the other because it has no Soul. Although it is fast and a good car it is slightly lacking in charisma.