19th Jun 2002, 14:53

But then the GTV isn't blessed with the greatest looks in the world, is it. Especially when compared to the Fiat Coupe. I don't have a Coupe myself, I have a Williams Clio, which handles better than both cars, but lacks the X Factor that they have. My cousin has a W-Plate 20V Turbo Plus and the guy two doors from him has an Alfa GTV. The Coupe is a far swifter and mind numbingly faster vehicle than the GTV as it has proved a number of times, much to his neighbours gloom. The GTV went up for sale 2 weeks ago to pay for his new car, which is... no not a Coupe, a new BMW M3. £45000? You could have 4 pristine condition Coupes for that! £10000 will get you a minter. Now which car compares to the Fiat Coupe Turbo in regards looks, performance and even economy (which is pretty good) for that sort of money? There aren't many.

18th Aug 2002, 23:13

Hi, I own a Fiat coupe 16v turbo 1996 and I think this car has no competition in its class, it is simply different form the other cars, I've had a lot of cars, from Mercedes to Ladas, and this car is beautiful in any aspect

Congratulations to all Fiat Coupe owners


12th Apr 2005, 02:24

Its the £800 to £1000 Cambelt change fee that put me off buying one, enjoy!

22nd Nov 2005, 11:03

It's more like £450 to have the Cam belt, tensioner's, aux belts and water-pump changed by a specialist.

22nd Nov 2005, 11:26

The cambelt change can be done for £400 from a specialist. Have a look at poweritalia.com and Torque Italia websites for details.

24th Apr 2010, 13:44

I actually own one (which occurred to be just the 1.8) but the grip and the handling as well as the braking are just incredible. The interiors (I've got the black leather ones) are just so beautiful.

Really something you don't expect from any Fiat (besides Barchetta of course).

I drove it on a three days trip across Italy, Austria, Germany, Danmark, Sweden and Norway in January with ice, snow and anything (had winter tires, though) and I just had no troubles at all (besides that handbrake problem the reviewer just mentioned), it's even really comfortable on long trips and the highway gas mileage is really good, I could get almost 850 kilometres with a tank of fuel by driving at an average speed of 130-140 kmh (something more on the german autobahn, ehehe).

I'm now going to get a new car, but I know it won't be easy to find something that includes such good features (and that Ferrari taste) without spending a fortune...

But I was considering that maybe I'll just put a new engine in it instead.

Take care!