9th Dec 2006, 14:04

Great! I found some of the fault list very useful. I've just bought a p-reg coupe - fell in love with the looks and didn't even drive it before parting with my cash!! typical woman.

I have experienced that 'holding back' trick - will try the silicon gel solution asap.

Other than that I am in love with the car and will never sell it! I'd reccommend this coupe to anyone.

31st Jul 2009, 02:19

Yes lovely stylish cars, just that little bit special. I'm living in kiwiland and have been sorely tempted, BUT I just can't get over how pricey they still are here. In the end I came round to accepting that the Mitsi FTO is probably just as good a prospect, based on looks, and also being as sweet a handler, and on a par performance-wise with the mivec v6 version. Perhaps it doesn't have the outright wallop of a turbo coupe, but these cars are pretty sweet. 8500 rpm anyone?

Similarly Mr Mitsi has a very quick rack, so firing though twisty backroads is an absolute joy - though you don't get quite the feedback (I'm basing this on my ownership of a Tempra), but then only a crazy fool would find the limits of one.

Mine still feels rock solid after 200ks, though this might be the exception as most are probably given a jolly good thrashing. But yes I'd doubt that the Fiat would feel quite as robust given the slightly flimsy feel of its cousin. SO I love Fiats, but to this date, have had to say 'no' based on their price and what you can get for a fraction of the price elsewhere. I just can't get my head around paying 10000 NZ lira for a 10 plus yr old car! That may change when they come down slightly - assuming they're not all clapped out..