20th Apr 2008, 10:47

Can anyone help, I have had my Grande Punto 06 plate for 6 weeks now and ever since day two I have had an intermittant fault.

The car loses power when I am in second gear trying to get speed up to go into third, it loses power for about 25 to 30 seconds and the engine management light comes on, after 30 seconds or so the car is absolutely fine and the warning light is off by the next morning.

Has happened once a week every week since I have had my car, been in the Fiat garage twice for a week at a time, they can see by the computer that there is a problem but cause it is intermittent they say the can't find it to fix it.

Has anyone else had this problem so I can give these machanics a hint to what might be wrong.

Love my car and it drives great 6 days out of 7.

24th Apr 2008, 06:10

Yes (to the above question). Take the vehicle to another Fiat dealer, or ask the current dealer to contact Fiat Technical Centre, and that you don't want the car returned to you until the fault is fixed. Your car is still under warranty so it should not be an issue for you to worry about! Some dealers are simply not experienced enough to find faults, or the fault is intermittent so the diagnostic check does not show the problem.

29th May 2008, 07:18

I have written about my 1.3 Multijet on 7 May last year, just thought I will give you guys an update. I have now done 35,000 km and this little car is just getting better. Fuel consumption hit the 20km/litre mark and that little diesel engine is still purring like a kitten. At the 30,000km service the only complaint I had was that the rear doors became difficult to open. They adjusted the locks, and all's well again. I do have a problem with tyres (not Fiat's fault) having 3 blowouts in 18 months. The Bridgestones on the car seems to be unable to take the punishment of the potholed roads network in South Africa. Will go back to the trusted Continentals.

Fiat in SA jacked up their service and spares supply and most of us are very happy Fiat owners.


24th Jun 2008, 09:28

I have just picked up my '06 Grande Punto and I love it; it drives really well for a little car with a small engine. I have a 90HP model. It had 24k on when I picked the car up, and I have not heard any noises at all.

What a great little car. I hope to have many miles of fun with this car.


Basha Baz.

29th Aug 2008, 07:18

I bought my Grande Punto 1.4 8v 2years ago new from a Fiat maindealer in Croatia. I have had only very minor problems so far:

1) The glove-box doesn't shut very well.

2) I too have a creaking noise coming from somewhere at the back on the left, particularly noticeable going over a bump.

3) On odd occasions, all of the warning lights just come on and the speedo and tachometer freeze. Turning the car off and restarting has on the 3 occasions that it happened resolved the problem.

Today my car went in for its 2 year service and guess what? I need a new steering rack. Unfortunately my warranty expired 2 weeks ago, but fortunately the dealership have been understanding and will fix it for free.

So no complaints from me...

All in all, not a bad little car... so far...


29th Nov 2008, 04:55

I own a 1.4 Grande Punto, owned it from new, only done 14000 miles, and its shocking. The car gets nowhere near the published MPG, its underpowered the drivers side door developed a fault, which I see is common, and its going back to the dealer next week because it will not stay in 3rd gear, and you cannot change down to 3rd from 4th or 5th. First and last Fiat for me, should have bought he corsa, uglier than the punto, but reliable!

6th Jan 2009, 16:32

I bought a Punto GTi new on the 22 of December 2007.

A week after buying it, the window jammed.

2nd fault: dashboard started to come off, and today 06/01/09 I was driving down a hill, changed gear, a strange noise happened, then all of a sudden the car slammed to a halt, slamming me against the steering wheel, and the car behind almost ran into me. Fluid started to run out of the engine, the car could not be pushed, had to pay for it to be towed to the Fiat garage, literally round the corner, because the recovery only covers a year. The ball-bearings in the gearbox had exploded, causing a large hole. Very dangerous. Do not buy a Punto.

26th Jan 2009, 19:18

I have a new shape Punto 1.2 Dynamic, purchased new on 07 plate. The car has only done 13,000 miles, it is our second car and is only used mainly around town to and from work.

I noticed that the car was reaching normal working temperature, but was not warming the cabin. We took our car into our local FIAT garage, and were amazed to be told the head gasket had gone. I am absolutely amazed how can a brand new car do this; I am waiting for FIAT to ring me back.

2nd Feb 2009, 12:59

I have a 1.9 diesel Grande Punto sporting 130 hp.

2007 12k on clock. It looks great and performance is quality it compares to my Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTD which I previously owned from new, BUT faults include steering wheel wobble at 70 mph, noise under acceleration, failure of power steering (fixed under warranty) I note these problems listed by others on this site.

I have had the wheels tracked checked and balanced, but the wheel wobble is a constant irritation.

8th May 2009, 16:47

Had a 2007 Punto, 24k on clock, 1.2 8v.

No matter what they say, this little engine will go when revved hard. Very happy with it, no knocks or bangs.

Just bought 2009 1.3 Multijet only 4 weeks old. Now knocking on the front suspension; sounds like it's coming from top of the struts. Not happy, the dealer's opened a case with Fiat, waiting to see what they are going to do.

27th Oct 2009, 05:01

Well, It's all pretty good. It's been over 3 yrs of love and friendship now, and the money spent on this car is almost nothing.

There were few initial issues that were solved under warranty, strangely none of the mentioned problems. They had to change brake pads AND DISCS, after about a year. They were bit confused how was it possible that discs were burnt, but replaced them right away anyway.

Beside that, changed pair of headlight bulbs once, cigarette lighter lamp died (still dead, I really don't care for that one), I had to patch one of those awful Bridgestone tires they supplied the car with, and that's it. (got rid of those tires anyway)

One note about servicing it. In my country, service intervals are halved (to 15000 km from 30000 km I think). I do it 'round every 10000 km, so that's one third of regular interval. Okay, so it does cost me a bit more than 'on the paper', but rather that than neglecting it and making even higher expenses for days to come... No?