22nd Apr 2010, 15:36

I have owned a Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 8v from new. It's a 59 plate, received in December 2009.

It's had many problems"

The door was out of alignment, but was fixed.

Two bolts come out of the panel filter casing that holds it down to the engine, within 1 month of owning the car; they replaced no problem.

One of the same bolts came out again, and they said they wouldn't put a new one in because it's not under warranty, because "bolts don't just come out", so the service manager says. Because they weren't going to replace it, I was gonna have to pay for a new one, but then they said they will order another one in for me, and they will call me when it's in.

Well they never called, and from this the whole casing is now broken and needs replacing. My car is now being fixed because the gearbox has blown up, it has a hole in the side of the gearbox, and the bearings have exploded inside the gearbox.

Well Fiat turned around and said to me it's my fault that this has happened, and they want £2000 for a new gearbox and the labour. For a car that has not done 6000 miles, this is stupid. Now I'm trying to fight my case on what to do and how I can win my case.

Do not buy a Fiat is what I say!!!

1st Dec 2010, 14:25

I have a 1.3 Fiat Punto Grande Multi Jet. I love it; the only things that have caused me any worries are lights coming on and off on the dash. This afternoon I got in my car, and all the dials weren't working, had random lights on, and the coil did not come on at all. It has been snowing and is very cold... is there anyone out there that can give me some advice?

6th Feb 2011, 01:22

I bought a 2006 Fiat Punto 1.4 Dynamic, 2 years ago second hand.

Yesterday had major crunching in steering whilst driving, thought it was due to heat, as in Sydney Australia it was 44 degrees Celsius yesterday. This morning what happened... steering broke completely. On turning the wheel, heard a crunch, then it went completely loose and totally unable to steer. No warning lights yesterday. Only warning light after steering failure was Airbag Failure. I then found a bolt with 10 small pins on the floor of the car. The car was towed to a garage.

Has anybody else had total steering failure like that? I will be in for major expense, so does anyone know if this model car has ever been recalled?

22nd Oct 2011, 08:18

I've got a 1.2 Grande Punto 56. I've had all those problems. I've spent £1200 on fixing them, and now it's stalling when warm. I was told by Fiat that it was the throttle body, so I've had it done, and it's still doing it at a cost of £300. Now they say its the ECU, and that will cost £700.

Fiat don't know anything about cars; they make them to last 3 years, then break, so you have to spend £2500 to fix them. All my problems started 4 weeks after the warranty finished, and Fiat don't care; all they're after is money.

20th Dec 2011, 07:21

I am having the same problems with mine. I own a 07 1.2 Grande Punto Linea edition, and now everything is starting to go wrong. The electrics on the car seem to be going faulty, lights keep dimming and going on and off when they want. The gear box completely exploded last month, and now the starter motor has decided to pack up. Am fixing this, and selling to the next unlucky victim. God knows what else will decide to self destruct next.


21st Oct 2012, 00:03

I have a 1.2 Active, which has exactly the same problem. Thought it was just a starter motor, but have now been told the flywheel is damaged and I might as well have the clutch changed as well!! £350 all in!!

30th Jul 2013, 13:57

Bro, if you think that a Fiat isn't a bad car, how come my starter motor doesn't want to work, and in one year I had to replace the air box, gear and clutch, which went out by itself?

Also, service where they never even did my water in the car, and I have spent close to 20000 rand and it's sitting in my garage like a potato.

So unless you have been brainwashed into buying one with 162000 rand, you can buy a new Picanto, Hyundai I20, or even the new Fiesta. So my recommendation is buy a Fiat if you want to waste all your money in 7 months.

16th Oct 2014, 09:17

Hi there,

I have a 2012 Fiat Punto with a very strange fault. Only when it rains does the engine management light come on. The diagnostics machine deemed the throttle body was at fault, so I replaced it... However it continues to play up only when it rains. Any ideas?