Marea weekend SX 1.9 jtd

Good engine smooth like silk

58 words, Serbia

Marea ELX 2.0 24 V

Reliable car

105 words, Brazil

Marea 115 ELX 1.7 petrol

Fiats best saloon car to date

138 words, UK and Ireland

Marea 115 elx 1.7

A competent family saloon

191 words, UK and Ireland

Marea Turbo 2.0 20V turbo (petrol)

A handsome, reliable machine that seems to never run out of breath!

264 words, Brazil

Marea ELX 1.8 petrol

A great family car

60 words, Chile

Marea SX 1.6 petrol

A good value, reliable, stylish saloon with a few niggles

167 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments