2002 Fiat Multipla ELX 1.9JTD from UK and Ireland


It's a practical, comfortable to drive, easy to park, fun looking, fairly fuel economical family ca


X Reg bought last week in Dec 2002 from PIPERS of MAIDSTONE, delivered 1st week Jan 2003. Was a close call between Multipla and Vauxhall Zafira.

1. Leaking rear sun-roof. (No defect found, possibly not shut properly during pre-delivery checks).

2. Cracked boot sill - replaced.

3. Dented drivers door very small - dealer trying their best to ignore.

4.Passenger front door courtesy light intermittent, when you open door. Still intermittent so difficult to identify fault to dealer.

Faults 2- 4 spotted on fore-court and an extra week given to resolve these issues. Not done by dealer - warranting second trip to dealer.

Two weeks after delivery:

5. Cd changer jammed dealer claims warranty is void because I used a back-up copy CD. Solicitors are being contacted.

6.Engine Management faulty warning light on. Fixed.

7.Throttle cable jammed occasionally. This was apparently related to engine management as well as faulty cable.

8.ABS fault light on. Related to nos 6. Fixed.

9. No escalation procedure in dealership. Management don't want to know when you have a problem.

General Comments:

You would have thought that with all these mishaps, I would be put off. No.

Seating wacky, but practical. Both children can seat in front and mum stretches out along the length of back seat.

Weekly shopping fits comfortably in boot which is deceptive in size.

Took out all seats and able to honor long standing commitment to clear our garage.

Six and a half hour trip to Cornwall was ultimate test. Comfortable - even the children didn't mind. Chaos on M25 when leaving resulting in night driving. It wasn't that bad. I particularly like the high drive height and all round visibility.

When she goes she goes, and took the hills and dips in her stride. Overtaking not as sharp as a petrol engine. Very low ratio in gear one only good for 2 seconds after starting off.

At Today's diesel price of 78p /liter, I seem to spend about £40.00 every 300 miles of local driving - school runs, work local, shopping etc. Work out the math.


1. Remote electric window controls for driver and passenger side windows only. Cannot control rear windows from driver side. How many times do you tell the children to wind up fully?

2. Back seat headrests means poor visibility through rear window.

3. Rear window wiper set to one speed only. Cannot do intermittent wipe like you can with front wipers.

4. Only one cup holder in the front!! It's molded into the dash board so can't take extra large drinks.

5. Front seat belts do not always spring back when you release. You know that horrible feeling when you have jammed the buckle against the frame when shutting / slamming the door.

Some one tell FIAT to bring out a long wheel base model as the boot space could be a bit better, and pls, pls an automatic model or at least fit cruise control. Would I buy a newer model later on?. I don't know, cos I have really been put off by the dealership. From what I have read, it seems to be a common problem with FIAT dealerships.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2003

17th Sep 2004, 09:43

I have very similar views to the reviewer above. Multipla bought new in July 2002. The first two years had excellent support from my local dealer, although they had trouble narrowing down and fixing some of the electrical faults in the engine management system and ABS braking system. No cure for water in diesel filter on startup. I worked this out myself. If you jump in and start up immediately without letting it go through its pre-checks, it displays the error, even though there is no problem with the diesel fuel filter. Software glitch?

Problems with dealer now! The third year of warranty is dealer supported not FIAT. A leaking sun-roof is not covered by warranty! Surprise, surprise, I am out of the 2 year FIAT warranty period. Looks like glass is not bedding down on sealing rubbers properly. This gives us buckets of water out of the rear inspection cover for the sun-roof motor. Kids love avoiding the waterfall when we drive off! Any adjustment available I wonder?

Broken plastic seat trim where the seat belt has not retracted and my son has made sure the door was closed properly!

Excellent run-about as well as long distance cruiser. I enjoy driving it, my wife loves it and the kids are ecstatic about it. An excellent design that is let down by a mediocre car company. Buy another one? Yes, even though everything about FIAT and its build and customer service says do not!!!

2002 Fiat Multipla JTD ELX 1.9 JTD from UK and Ireland


Fantastic family car brilliantly designed a great buy


On delivery 3 faults.

Radio aerial not connected to radio. aerial replaced.

Nearside interior trim panel on "C" pillar snapped at top. replaced.

Passenger front door light switch needed adjusting, interior light intermittently stayed on. Two goes to fix.

After 6 months, nearside headlight seal failed, condensation on inside of lens. Replaced badly by dealer, beams all over the place, fixed at first service. (by a different dealer!)

General Comments:

This is more than a car, it's a way of life, part of the family. A real head-turner & it's a secret society with waving & headlamp flashing the norm!!

A fantastic family car ("picnic car" the kids call it because of the tables & the picture in the brochure of the people eating in it!) Very verstile, good to drive, reasonable economy, average 37 mpg, 40+ on run (compare to a Galaxy/Espace not a Picasso/Scenic due to its size). Even carrying 6 for a five day holiday, I removed the roof box before we went because everything was packed inside. Amazing! Don't tell everyone, they'll all want one!

(Some?) Dealers are rubbish. Only a rather firm low speed ride (especially empty) to criticize. Width never a problem on the move, & rarely when parking, helped by good visibility & turning circle for its size.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2003

28th Apr 2003, 08:51

I can't comment on the design of the interior, however I find all the comments about the exterior design being innovative age and radical quite interesting.

I would describe it as pig ugly, and a prime example of Fiat raiding the parts bin and throwing everything together as an afterthought, not good design at all and when I see one coming toward me with 3 people staring out wildly through a huge expanse of glass, it just looks like a giant goldfish bowl.

It looks hilarious from every angle, not attractive just ludicrous, it is easily as bad looking as a Renault Vel Satis (depreciation disaster) and Megane, and why anyone would want to be seen in one without a paper bag over their heads is frankly beyond me.

28th Jun 2004, 21:19

How can you accept such poor quality when it was new? When something is new, it should be NEW with NOTHING wrong. How can stuff be broken when it is new! BTW I am from North America (Canada), all I know is I wouldn't accept such poor quality.

12th Nov 2009, 08:21

The design really is a departure from the generic shape of the Galaxies and Scenic triangle-in-front-of-a-box shapes. Really, whether it is 'pig ugly' or otherwise, is in the eye of the beholder. Wannabe Clarksons still have to acknowledge these facts: it has six evenly sized seats, good visibility, good turning circle and decent fuel economy. There is no other vehicle on the market offering the same. And design-wise, a departure from the flock.