2003 Fiat Multipla ELX 1.9 cc diesel from France


Great style and interior design


My daughter attempted to play a CD and the instrument would not operate; it would not release the CD.

In order to release the CD we needed to obtain the security code from Hertz. Two days later, we did obtain the proper code and were able to release the CD. We did not operate the CD player again for fear it would entrap another disk. This comment is added, because a gentleman in England indicated (on this website) that he had encountered the same problem with a CD sticking in his system.

General Comments:

We did not own this car. Rather ten of us (family) rented two of them and drove from Paris through the Loire and Dordogne valleys for eight days after which they were returned to Bordeaux.

Luggage capacity was barely adequate for five tourists. Each car required one child car seat and needed space for one stroller in the luggage compartment. As much luggage was stowed under feet, etc., as was practical. Luggage capacity would be more than adequate for short trips, but definitely is not adequate for six travelers carrying luggage for a long stay overseas. Next time I would rent a 7-passenger van for 5 long distance travelers.

Both cars performed extremely well on narrow winding roads. Both cars performed adequately on the national auto-routes (on level ground--ok; on hills--not have much zip with five and luggage).

A check of one car after first tank refill indicated a gas consumption of 26.5 miles per US Gal.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 11th September, 2003