31st Dec 2006, 01:48

Imported our multipla (1.9 jtd) from Holland in 2000. Has done 90,000 miles and has been a great workhorse and fun car, but the engine management warning light has been a constant companion from the start!, loss of power etc etc., but within ten minutes it recovers and we're off again for another few trouble free months motoring! (one dealer said it was a faulty electrical connector on the throttle pedal). Anyway, we now live in Spain and it has started again, only this time the engine dies and does not recover so quickly, this may be the deciding factor in getting rid of it, I hope not!!

23rd Apr 2007, 11:13

I have a 2004 Fiat Multipla that has done 100 000km. The car is fantastic. I did a retuning of the chip which gave it substantial extra power. Five months after doing the retuning, under heavy load the engine light would come on and the car would lose power. This slowly got more frequent where now the light comes on and power is lost as soon as it is under load. The dealers in Johannesburg had the car for two weeks and have no idea what is wrong. They replaced the diesel injector rail and diesel injectors to no avail. Now they blame the chip mod which is clearly not the case as the vehicle ran like this perfectly for months. Something else must be wrong. Any ideas?

16th Aug 2007, 07:24

Common loss of power is the air flow sensor. Car will run without it, sometimes better, but will put management warning light on. The default mode without the sensor seems to be a better calibration for the engine than having it connected. Happy Uglybus motoring.

6th Jan 2013, 14:21

I had the same problem with my 2008 Multipla. The third time it happened they charged £100 for a forced regen. I told them the dashboard DPF light did not seem to light up, and they checked to tell me that it was a fault. I asked them to refund as the car had been under warranty the first two times it happened, because the regen cycle may well have started and then I turned the engine off, not knowing that the warning light was supposed to be on indicating a regen cycle - they ignored my complaint. I have flogged the car up and down a motorway, and have never seen this light come on yet = I would be interested to know how long this regen takes, as I might have missed it happening... The handbook and FIAT customer service are not very forthcoming when asked this question - in fact they seem to be as confused as I am about DPF.