1986 Fiat Panda 1000 SUPER 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Forget what you've heard, remember what you're saving!


Burnt some wiring (caused by me trying to fit a stereo!).

Just had a new clutch before I acquired it, (however it'd come from a 70+ lady driver...)

Clip on breather box has snapped.

Most of the exterior plastic (bumpers and trim) seems to have fallen off or come loose within a week of each other! (just a case of clipping it all back on!)

Apart from that (touch wood :) ) I don't think there is anything else to go wrong!

General Comments:

Well, the Panda has had some bad press, but honestly if you get one at the right price (in my case, free) pick them up, they have their little quirks, and it was a culture shock when I left my mother's brand new uprated Fiesta Zetec, but I have enjoyed driving the Panda thus far!

The suspension is VERY soft, and the car has a tendency to "rock and roll" a bit, but the shocks are due to be changed, but are okay for a M.O.T.

The car has got a genuine 45,000 miles on the clock, so it should see me through the next few years!

Don't expect to beat anybody, anyhow and anywhere (with the possible exception of milkfloats and pushbikes!), but the Panda was never built as a quick vehicle!

To the same effect, don't go out on "the pull" in it either...

The cast costs very little to run, petrol, the odd service, needs a oil top up more than the average car (it isn't leaking to my knowledge, so I think it may be burning a little, but on a 20 year old engine, I'm not too worried!).

Servicing doesn't cost anything, bits are relatively easy to get hold of, scrappers can get the bits factors can't! (I must admit I work for Motaquip!)

The paint work is amazing for its age, very little rust, and considering it is red, the paint polishes up brilliantly!

The seats you'll either love or hate (the infamous deckchair seats...) I find them very comfortable, but others say they are quite the opposite.

Very little room or spare wiring to modify the car.

They do have the "tardis" effect, and the car does seem bigger than it looks inside.

Finally, don't take one on the motorway, unless it is very quiet, because you have very little acceleration if you get into trouble!

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004

17th May 2004, 08:20

I have just been given a free Fiat Panda by my uncle. I do not drive it on the road often. This is used as a Farm Vehicle, purely because it has Four Wheel Drive. I must say it does the job of hauling my three hundred and eighty pounds frame admirably. It is a very rusty Orange colour. Sure there are holes in three of the panels and it is now minus the rear bumper, however I do enjoy the looks on the locals faces when they see and hear this smoking old Fiat Shed being thrashed senseless past them. Mine also uses lots of oil, One quart every 100 miles.

29th Sep 2004, 03:50

To add to my review, I have found that correctly setting the timing, and running the engine on its native "4 star" or LRP petrol makes it drive like a different vehicle. The engine had been "tuned" for unleaded petrol, but I have altered the timing and "de-tuned" it back for leaded petrol.

The engine runs a lot cooler, with better acceleration and idles a lot smoothly.

Talking to some guys in the trade, they reckon that the F.I.R.E. engine fitted to the later Panda's, although possible to tune for unleaded petrol, does not take to being tuned for this fuel very well, (unlike a lot of vehicles that can be tuned for unleaded very well.) From what I can gather, Fiat do not recommend tuning the 1000cc FIRE engine for unleaded either...

26th Mar 2005, 10:09

To add to this review, the Panda has now sadly gone, in the space of six months the rust took hold of the vehicle, and when I pulled the NS sill, it crumbled off in my hand... (whoops...)

I'm breaking it if anybody wants anything!



30th Mar 2005, 14:25

Andy I'm after an engine, or more to the point the "sump" my sons has rusted through and is seeping oil. Can't get one for love or money.Don't really want to part with £60+ for a new one

Mick (Derby)

1986 Fiat Panda fire 750cc from UK and Ireland


Don't by one


After about 34500 miles I got out of five pounds 12miles (petrol),10 liters of water and 3 liters of oil. Due to head gasket fault.

Seat brackets snapped.

Drive shaft on both sides needed pushing in.

Major problem with servo and I only done a thousand miles in it in three months.

General Comments:

Considering other faults it was a first time starter each morning.

Considering size it was a very good at taking corners.

Very bad looking and red lines in every gear at about 3000 revs.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2003

5th Jan 2004, 15:14

I have owned a Panda for the past two years, bought second hand, it had just over 68,000 miles on the clock, it now has 94,000 and the only problem I have encountered was the head gasket which went at about 93,000. All in all a fun car. Steve Hall.