2005 Fiat Panda Dynamic Aircon Multijet 1.3 Multijet from UK and Ireland





General Comments:

At the showroom they really made a fuss over the fact it had the worlds smallest diesel engine (at the time), and how good it was mid range.

Yeah Right I thought, but this really has to be the UK's cheapest, fastest, best mid ranged diesel!

I have personally seen the look on the faces of those annoying BMW rep drivers as they think "hang on, its keeping up with me". This engine gives you the power, and ability to keep up with all those "high fliers", and even ahead of them. Oh, did I say that I hammer it all over and get 55-60mpg, have digital climate control, alloys, c/l, and a trip computer.

Anyway, I grew up saying "I wouldn't drive a fiat ever period" based on my perception of them, but this car is wicked! Now I'm not saying that every Fiat car will be as good, but if your gonna risk it this is the one to go for!

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2006

2005 Fiat Panda Dynamic 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Fun and practical on minimal budget


Nothing. All is well.

General Comments:

For an "ickle" car it takes four adults with ease and unlike other small cars, you're not rubbing shoulders as the interior is quite wide.

The seats are comfortable and everything is easy to use.

Ride is surprisingly good and composed. Just don't go to quickly round corners.

Very easy to live with and good for 55mpg average, plus on the motorway it is comfortable all the way to 100mph! Engine wants to rev, so get those slick gear changes working and you can have a laugh.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2005

2005 Fiat Panda Eleganza 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Excellent, long may it continue..


Nothing has gone wrong so far, apart from a bit of loose plastic from the number plate rattling around in the boot cover.

General Comments:

The Panda handles wonderfully, and is very nippy.

The build quality is very good.

I'm very impressed overall with the car.

The Panda is light years ahead of the Punto that I owned.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2005

12th May 2005, 17:28

Mine went beautifully for 3 months and 2000 miles. Then it all went wrong. Fiat service and aftersales is truly appalling.