2007 Fiat Panda 100HP 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland


Best fun per pound on the market!


Slight tracking problem when car was first delivered, but was fixed under warranty at dealer.

General Comments:

The Fiat Panda a car that most look at on the road and either hate or love it, so why should Fiat of made the Panda into a Super-mini?

Well the Panda is a certain eccentric design that will be remembered for years to come, such as the Uno Turbo, Punto GT and other more original Abarths.

Fiat have made a great job of making the Panda 100HP look very sporty, but not only looks on this occasion, but also feel and drive sporty.

The Panda 100HP has had a groovy kit fitted to it, with large arches over the wheels, and a black trim fitted all the way round the car, going from arches to side skirts, and this has made the car look much wider and lower! We also see a very nice tidy spoiler, and something taken clearly from an Audi, but a snout front bumper which really looks great.

It doesn't stop there Fiat have also done a full interior job, making the dash much darker than standard models, with sport body hugging seats, dark leather steering wheel, stylish leather gear shifter and leather gear surround.

Fiat have also added a Sports button; something found nearer to a BMW M-power product, and the result is a massively increased throttle response through the flyby wire throttle, and stiffer steering, so you are able to feel more of what is going on through corners.

We also find outside disc's all round, which gives immense stopping potential, although it feels slightly over-servo'd, stopping any heel and toe.

The suspension and body have been stiffened up by 25%, and also lowered by 20mm, which gives a very hard ride, yet the most fun per pound you can find on the market today!

To finish is the 1.4 16V StarJet unit, producing a 99BHP/100CV of power and 97 Lb/ft of torque, pushing the Panda 100HP to 60 in around 9.2 seconds and a top speed of 115 MPH... These figures don't sound like much compared to a lot of hot-hatches, but you will be hard pressed to moan about what this little engine delivers, as the power to weight is in favour.

To summarise, the Panda 100HP offers a superb value package that none offer, and you will be hard pressed to find a better handling motor, even if I gave you double the Panda 100HP's price tag. The gear shift is even rivaling Mini-Cooper S's!

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2007

15th Aug 2007, 05:20

100 hp panda does the 0-60mph sprint in mid 8sec when engine loosens after a few thousand miles. Excellent car.

7th Oct 2007, 13:42

I have just bought my wife a diesel Panda which is also staggeringly quick and refined-we would have ideally bought a new diesel equivalent of the 100HP if it was available-say with a 90/100 BHP mapped 1.3 Multijet diesel, as we like the kit and appearance on the 100HP, but wanted the economy of the diesel.

We tossed up between performance and economy and finally chose a 1248cc Panda 70HP Multijet Dynamic, and although it has not got the sportiness and outright pace of the 100HP, it is huge fun and as per the previous comment, loosens up markedly after a few thousand miles-we timed it a 10.5 seconds to 60 which is remarkable.

We value the £35 per year road tax and 65mpg average of the diesel, and found the softer ride/suspension suited us better than the harder 100HP Panda ride.

A full report will follow-we are hugely impressed with it-especially the magnificent engine/gearbox/performance.