2009 Fiat Panda Eco Active 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland




Not a heck of a lot. Bought used but it had low mileage and full history. I service it every year as well. The brakes are grinding, but I need to change the brake pads that's all.

Windows jammed. Will fix that myself soon, should be an easy repair.

Oil leak from somewhere but can't be serious, it barely needs a top up for months and months.

General Comments:

Got an awesome deal on this Panda a few years ago while my Fiesta was getting fixed. But this car has been so good I just kept it even though it was only meant to be a stop gap car.

I had always laughed at cars like this as they look so small and tiny even compared to a Fiesta or whatever. But once you get used to the rather cramped interior it really isn't that bad. Noisy on motorways? Yes but it's not a car for long distance cruising. If you just run about the urban areas it is ideal on shorter trips.

1.1 petrol engine is slow as you would expect. But it is cheap to tax and insure. Very good on fuel also.

The car is nothing special to look at or drive. My car is a weird pale blue colour. Wheel trims. As basic as it gets. Inside is very grey and plastic and pretty dated even for a 2009 car; feels like something from the 1990s.

Despite all this I cannot fault this little Panda, it has been cheap and reliable and to be honest that's all I wanted from it and it has delivered.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th June, 2024