1992 Fiat Premio SL 1.6 Gasoline from Brazil


An average car that was never a classic


The engine is OK, but when you need to rush (overtaking another car, for example), the engine is just not strong enough.

It´s not a very comfortable car.

The looks of this car does not impress people. It looks like an Uno Mille with a tail. It´s weird.

The brakes are not strong enough to stop the car.

General Comments:

My Premio with an argentine engine is almost free-of-maintenance. The car just did not need a mechanic for years.

The engine, the brakes, suspension, everything is very tough.

The only problem is the obsolete look of the car. It looks like a thin Tempra. The panel is not very beautiful as well. And the car lacks an impressive design. I had a VW Beetle and a Buggy. The Buggy is just a funny car. The Beetle is a classic. And I also drove a Chevrolet Comodoro for a while, and it looks like a limousine. The Premio is... just a Premio.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th December, 2005