1992 Fiat Punto elx 90 1.2 multipoint from UK and Ireland


This car is total utter garbage!!!¬


Where can I start, the first two months I bought it the cylinder head blew and I had to get that replace also the head needed skimming, which cost me £450

Then I found out that my crank oil seals needed replacing.

Three week after that I needed a new rocker gasket.

Then there was an injector problem, which started to occur on the motorway

Then I found out my big ends were broken so I got those replaced.

Then I needed new rack ends for the fiat.

This car is the worst car of the decade do not buy one! I could write a horror story about it.

General Comments:

The fiat punto is sluggish, struggles when pushed

It handles like the titanic every corner the tyres are squealing,

The suspension is too soft, there is a common problem with the baffles in the exhaust.

But the Punto is very roomy.

Has a bright interior light

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Review Date: 8th December, 2005

4th Aug 2007, 04:43

I had 4 of them; 96 to 99. 1.1 and 1.2, and they are a good car. I never had to do a head on one yet.