2002 Fiat Punto HGT 1.8 petrol from Greece


An honest car


Nothing serious.

The comfort of the suspension sometimes if the road is bad.

Some noises from the interior plastics, but here in Greece we have very bad roads, so OK.

General Comments:

I think that is an underestimated sport hatch. The engine is very very good with plenty of power from the down to high revs... I have seen about three dyno tests from three normal HGTs with down to 1000km and the power was from 138 to 139 hp IN the engine (not at the wheels. The auto companies does not give the official power at wheels but in the engine) so it has more power than 130 that FIAT says. Maybe after 50000 km the power will be better at around 140 hp. So from the engine and generally from the car's acceleration, I am very satisfied.

The handling is good. Maybe the understeer is coming a little earlier than other sport hatches, but it is very friendly, the oversteer is rare and generally you know what car will do. I think an 106 GTi will turn a little faster but is not so friendly, it wants you to be a very good driver to do it. HGT can be turned fast by a typical driver.

The brakes in 2002 were very good, but now are just good because all the new cars have very good brakes. But from the sport hatches generation of 2002, it had the best brakes.

I have to say that it is very good for trips on the highway. It is stable in high-speed and with the engine power you can be traveling with 150 km/h easily on the highway. So it is a good car if you know why you buy it.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2009

2002 Fiat Punto Sporting 1.2 16v from Montenegro




So far nothing.

As soon as I purchased the car, I replaced the engine oil and filter, air filter, cam belt and tensioner, spark plugs and HT cables.

When you buy a used car, you have to make some preventive maintenance. Engine management, ECU and catalytic converter might get damaged if you neglect some obvious parts such as spark plugs and high tension leads.

When I bought the car, it was jerking when trying to pickup from low revs. I myself changed the spark plugs - Champion, and HT leads - Bosch, and now the car runs like a dream. I intentionally point out these items as I noticed that some other Punto owners experience jerking from low revs. It`s all in spark plugs and HT leads; buy a nice fresh set and your engine will run as smoothly as brand new.

General Comments:

Good overall quality, pleasantly surprised. Car runs like new and there is no noise from engine/transmission/suspension.

Lovely 6 speed gearbox - the car does 160 km/h at 4500 rpms in 6th. Not bad for a 1.2.

Car is fitted with a nice factory installed blaupunkt radio/navigation system. Many of my friends were surprised when they saw a GPS in a Punto :)

Excellent city servo, very useful when parking.

Good handling as the suspension is lowered by 1.5cm compared to a standard Punto.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2008

2002 Fiat Punto Dynamic 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Great car when it works, highly frustrating otherwise


The wiper linakge failed at around 30,000 miles. Replaced with an upgraded part made by a specialist wiper comapny and have had no problems since.

Bonnet release stopped working but managed to do a DIY repair for the short term.

Engine cuts out sporadically.

Various dasboard lights come on sporadically.

Have had no luck establishing why engine cuts out and lights come on. No faults were found on the engine management system by Fiat Dealership. They pointed out the battery was needing replaced which I have done but as expected this has not solved problems.

General Comments:

The performance of the 16v engine is very respectable. Having previously owned cars with larger engines I was worried about performance on the motorway however was presently surprised.

The insurance is quite cheap and fuel consumption good, around 40 - 45 mpg.

I like the way the car looks and think the interior is well designed. The the space has been used wisely and feels quite spacious for a small car. The Blaupunkt CD player with 4 speakers, two tweeters and a 100W woofer in the boot produces the best sound I have heard from a Manufacturer system in a small car.

Despite having the top model with the better trim and seat material, the quality is still poor and material stains easily and catches.

However, having paid £3,500 for a car with 24,000 miles I feel it is good value for money and niggles with trim quality etc are to be ignored.

My feeling on the Fiat Dealership are mixed. For routine work such as MOT, servicing, timing belts etc they have been very competitively priced. Can't complain at £100 for service and MOT.

However, when it comes to more out of the ordinary problems, e.g. engine cutting out the dealership have been terrible. It is as if they think I am making the problem up as there are no faults on the engine management system. They do not seem keen to help me to solve the problem, just keep saying that there is nothing wrong with the car.

As a result I am going to try an Auto electric garage to see if they can help solve the problem. Fingers crossed!

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Review Date: 13th June, 2008

8th Jul 2008, 15:11

Hi Check all the earth connections on the looms. There are 3 at least in the engine bay and one in the luggage compartment. Also consider replacing the crank position sensor if the resistance reading is low.