2002 Fiat Punto Dynamic 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Great car when it works, highly frustrating otherwise


The wiper linakge failed at around 30,000 miles. Replaced with an upgraded part made by a specialist wiper comapny and have had no problems since.

Bonnet release stopped working but managed to do a DIY repair for the short term.

Engine cuts out sporadically.

Various dasboard lights come on sporadically.

Have had no luck establishing why engine cuts out and lights come on. No faults were found on the engine management system by Fiat Dealership. They pointed out the battery was needing replaced which I have done but as expected this has not solved problems.

General Comments:

The performance of the 16v engine is very respectable. Having previously owned cars with larger engines I was worried about performance on the motorway however was presently surprised.

The insurance is quite cheap and fuel consumption good, around 40 - 45 mpg.

I like the way the car looks and think the interior is well designed. The the space has been used wisely and feels quite spacious for a small car. The Blaupunkt CD player with 4 speakers, two tweeters and a 100W woofer in the boot produces the best sound I have heard from a Manufacturer system in a small car.

Despite having the top model with the better trim and seat material, the quality is still poor and material stains easily and catches.

However, having paid £3,500 for a car with 24,000 miles I feel it is good value for money and niggles with trim quality etc are to be ignored.

My feeling on the Fiat Dealership are mixed. For routine work such as MOT, servicing, timing belts etc they have been very competitively priced. Can't complain at £100 for service and MOT.

However, when it comes to more out of the ordinary problems, e.g. engine cutting out the dealership have been terrible. It is as if they think I am making the problem up as there are no faults on the engine management system. They do not seem keen to help me to solve the problem, just keep saying that there is nothing wrong with the car.

As a result I am going to try an Auto electric garage to see if they can help solve the problem. Fingers crossed!

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Review Date: 13th June, 2008

8th Jul 2008, 15:11

Hi Check all the earth connections on the looms. There are 3 at least in the engine bay and one in the luggage compartment. Also consider replacing the crank position sensor if the resistance reading is low.


2002 Fiat Punto SX 1.25 from Israel


I would by it again


Sometimes when stopping the back windshield wiper, it may keep working for a few minutes more.

General Comments:

I am its 3rd owner. First was a car rental.

I have it for about 18 months and so far it had no problems. It drives well and has low fuel consumption (though the consumption showed by the car computer is about one km/liter optimistic).

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Review Date: 16th April, 2007

2002 Fiat Punto Active 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Don't touch them



First I'd had the car a month and the handbrake/brake fluid light kept coming on for no reason.

Then driving home one night, the pushrods snapped and the brakes were making a grinding noise. I brought it back to have it checked. They said it was new brake pads breaking in!!! (yeah right) The brake discs were in bits, and I felt a dragging and brought it to a garage to have it checked. They showed me the state of the discs. I couldn't believe it. I have only put 5000 miles on this car.

Oh, and my lights are faulty too.

The most recent problem is a dreadful noise coming from exhaust (I think).

The worst thing I have ever bought in my life. I will never ever buy a Fiat Punto again.

General Comments:

Crap, just cheap crap.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2007