2013 Fiat Punto Easy 1.4L SOHC EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Brilliant little car!


No serious issues with the car, some condensation in the tail lights and a globe in the dash, all rectified by the dealer, no issues.

Comfortable, well designed interior... I'm nearly 6ft and there's plenty of room for me. Comfortably fit 4 adults with reasonable leg room, but it's a super mini not a people mover, so be realistic. Great driving position though; armrests in perfect positions and easy to use cruise control.

The 1.4L SOHC EFI motor has a sporty feel to it, coupled to the quirky but fun dual logic 5 speed gearbox. Though engine power is around 59kW, it's a lightweight car and nips around fairly well. Excellent handling even when pushed hard into corners and zipping through traffic... very predictable and forgiving. The 1.4L revs hard but never feels harsh, just sporty even past 5000 RPM with a 6000 RPM red line.

Once you familiarize yourself with the semi-auto robotised gearbox, its throttle response and feel is very similar to a manual gearbox (just no clutch pedal) with an intuitive smooth action. Up shifts and downshifts in manual or auto mode are relatively smooth (but notch if pushed hard in auto mode), but are also how you'd expect a manual to feel with a good driver behind the wheel. I think the gearbox is actually quite good and gives the car a unique spirited character that makes it fun to drive. In manual mode you can really put it through its paces and have some fun.

The design of the exterior I think is really quite good, and not dated but stylish and sophisticated. It's not a Ferrari or a Porsche, but it looks good with a bit of an Austin Martin nose on it. I paid AU$16000 for this car brand new and I think it's great value for money. It's just a shame that FIAT in Australia are now concentrating on its 500 and 500X branding, so the Punto will no longer be available in Australia. I would have happily bought the next Punto, especially if it had a 1.4L turbo or the 1.9L turbo diesel.

General Comments:

I just think it's a great little car that has a lot of character. Excellent value for money and SUPER economical for around town.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th February, 2016