28th Mar 2003, 11:47

I have not got a rattling gear box, so I would not accept the mechanics opinion that it is expected of the car. Take it back and get it fixed under warranty.

And about the city steer button, it says in the handbook that comes with the car that it actually reduces power slightly, to provide a smoother power delivery for parking and driving at slower speeds.

20th Aug 2004, 06:13

12,000 pounds new! I paid just over 8 grand for my new sporting in 2001. It is yellow (no choice in colour) and came with 5 CD changer and air-con as standard. It had the full Fiat warranty (just as well!!) as well as a 'Warranty Holdings' warranty - which proved to have been a good buy when 3rd and 4th gears broke at 19,000 miles. The car is brilliant for that money, but I would not have paid the full list price which was around 11,400 at the time.

8th Dec 2004, 08:14

I brought my Punto back in April 2003 and the amount of silly little problems I have had with it are beyond a joke. Within the first day of having the car I discovered that there was an issue when using the wipers on slow and intermediate mode. They were juddering all over the place. I reported this to a main dealer and this was a known fault - they promptly replaced the wiper motor.

Within the first week I got my first air bag warning light, so fiat had to resolve that.

Since then I have had more air bag fault lights appear for both passenger and driver than I can count, the driver electric window has packed up, twice, the rear heated screen stopped working and had to be replaced, the horn has gone and the steering wheel replaced to resolve it.

Fortunately all of the work carried out to resolve these issues have been done under the remainder of the warranty, otherwise I dread to think how much this would have cost me so far.

As for other silly problems, indicators prematurely turning themselves off, interior light throwing a wobbly on occasion and the stereo turning itself off I have just learned to live with.

Saying all of this though the car drives like a dream, it's smooth, pokey for the little 1.2 engine, the 6 gear box makes cruising more economical, the power steering is perfect - the extra touch of the city button for parking is most appreciated for those tight gaps. The air con is a good perk and the interior is both comfortable and stylish. The stereo also sounds good as standard. Personally, I would never buy another Punto, the up keep has been far more hassle than it's been worth.