26th Mar 2009, 10:47

Hi, did you trace the problem? I think my ecu has gone too, car shuddering and injection light has come on, recovery guy said it was either spark plugs, spark plug leads or coil pack, but I've had the spark plugs and leads done 7 months ago.

After some serious googling, I've found it could be a faulty ecu, any help?

1st Aug 2009, 13:29

Hi There, I just read your posts. I too had a “metallic” noise coming from my engine (bought a used Punto with 18k on the clock). The metallic noise occurred in low rev & when cornering, a bit “bell like” in sound. It made this noise for years! However…. I cured the problem the other day.

In the engine bay there is a metal cowling that covers the exhaust manifold. It secures with 2 bolts top & one bolt bottom. The bottom bolt is prone to corrosion & the fixing point separates from the cowling. The cowing is thus secured by just 2 bolts at the top & “flapping” about. When the engine is in low rev the cowling vibrates & this is what causes the “metallic noise”. To cure… put on some thick gloves… firmly grasp the cowling at the bottom & it bend away from the manifold by a quarter inch. Fixed in 20 seconds!

Oh…. A tip regarding exhaust systems…. DON’T jet wash the underside of an aging Punto! I did & the rust that was on the flexible pipe came away & the exhaust started “blowing”. Qwik Fit wanted £125.00 for a new part. No way! Get a baked bean can. Cut off the top & bottom. Cut down the side. Put a generous dollop of exhaust sealant putty inside. Put it over the pipe (will work on any pipe section inc flexible). Secure with three jubilee / hose clips! Voila! Good as gold for £6.00 (including tin of beans, clips & putty). Cheers. Ben.