12th Mar 2004, 16:36

How I agree with this writer's feelings about Fiat in general. I have found Fiat to be an unresponsive company that is full of bureaucracy and is not able to respond quickly to consumer demand.

My Fiat Dynamic 1.2 16V (2002) has been a non-stop hassle, even though I bought it new. The trim wasn't fitted properly and took Fiat nearly a year to sort. Electrics went faulty and my headlights also kept steaming up. Fiat said that it needed an extra part to deal with the problem and fitted it free, but I ask.. why not put it in as standard?

The dashboard electrics went faulty, it kept cutting out.. I could go on and on. It was so bad that Fiat gave me a free service for the trouble.. but I had to argue to get it. The only saving grace was the dealership, who were helpful and even they admitted that Fiat had problems. It's no wonder Fiat can't crack any other market, but the Super mini. I love the styling of Fiat, and it is only that which made me buy this car. But I will think seriously before having another.

15th Feb 2005, 07:38

Aye, the above missives are so very true and common to my wifes Punto as well. she has a 2002 model bought just before September. hers is a 1.2 8V, Active. It's had 4 clutches! Got the first one fitted at 9000 miles, just had the last one fitted at 46000 miles. Drive shafts also started 'singing' and were replaced at 44 thousand miles. It's had new lights, new ECU, new passenger air bag, new carpets cause of an over long leak, the drivers door has dropped on the pin, and the paintwork is chipped all over the bonnet and front of the roof. Her car is Scilla Red and I'm told this colour is troublesome by one person at the dealer, and not so by another! I've just had to replace the exhaust, I know this is a consumable, but, the price for a long piece of pipe and one baffle box was £192 from a fast fit place! That was dearer than a full stainless Steel system on my '99 Mini Cooper! The dealer is awful too, and always hide behind, "what the manufacturer says" My suggestion to anyone that likes the Punto aesthetically, but is fed-up of the niggles and faults, and the dealers attitude, is Try a Hyundai Getz. Look up the independent reviews on here and in Which Mag for the Getz! It's a bit more plastic than the Punto inside, but has lots of extra goodies on the 1.3gsi, including ABS. Also has 5 year warranty that is very comprehensive including exhaust! 3 years free servicing currently, 3 years RAC, 1 year insurance and much better paintwork. It even is almost exactly the same in size as the Punto, my Wife loves the Getz.

18th Mar 2005, 14:15

Nah I think they're great... i think you people are the unfortunate few, having owned a few fords, vauxhalls and some french cars, I have to say that fiat has exceeded my expectations in build quality.

20th May 2006, 13:46

I bought a yellow Fiat Punto, sport active, 2002 Registration, second-hand last year. I understand with second hand cars your open to car problems caused by previous owners, but due to the age of this car I thought I would be OK. I have read quiet a few reviews and unfortunately I cannot attribute them to human error and bad driving. It appears there is a pattern.

So far I have experienced the following problems:

· Yellow paint is thin and is wearing off in places

· Boot latch rattles

· When I pull off it shudders, almost a wheel spin

· Power steering fails if you turn the wheel on full lock

· Hand brake does not hold.

In the first month of owning the car I nearly went down a hill in a ditch on a steep slope, I had to ask people to get out of the car for their safety.

· Steering wheel light flashes on dash board at times.

· Exhaust costs a lot of money to replace, I paid £130 from a quick fix garage for 2 parts.

Other than that, a nippy car, great in town, looks great, and is very spacious inside for a three door and lots of room in boot for shopping.