8th Sep 2004, 18:21

I'd like to confirm that the Punto's 1.2litre "85" engine is terrific. It leaves all others in the class for dead - Corsas, Renaults, etc.

I can't say I've ever felt the brakes lacking stopping power, but you're right that you need to watch the discs for wear.

I love the way that at the limit the understeer can be easily controlled with throttle

1st Mar 2008, 18:43

I've had my fiat Punto 1.2 85 SX 16v about 9 months. A 5 door version 99' it has 163,000 miles on it and is still a great runner. I have had minor problems with the car; had to replace plug leads as it was miss-firing badly! also had to replace exhaust and rocker cover gasket. It is a very quick for a 1.2; it does 58 mph/93khm in second gear which is quick for its engine size. All around, a great runner!

21st Nov 2009, 16:53

Hi, I bought my 1998 85 SX in Nov 2004 with 33,0000 miles on the clock. She's 5 years older & still only got 57,000. What a great little car! Good looking, with plenty of oomph, zippy and safe at the same time.

I've had to replace the plug leads and the clutch plate, as well as have a spot of welding under the rear seat belt area from wear & tear.

Someone did try to steal her, but the immobiliser put a stop to that. I fought like mad to have her repaired & keep her & it was well worth it.

I love the pedal rest, like the power steering and find my seats comfy enough, but maybe it's because I'm female. I also love the sunroof, as so many don't have them now.

Great amount of room for larger items with the seats folded down in the back. I've carried all sorts of furniture & stuff about in my motor. A proper little work horse & all rounder for passenger comfort, legroom & the heater is great too for these winter morns.

I use about £20 or 20 litres in a fortnight & reckon I get my monies worth. Great on the motorway as well. Won't be getting rid of my trusty motor until she bites the dust. Nice Car... I certainly think so.

29th Nov 2009, 10:59

Hey, I also own an 85 SX, but it needs lowering. I can't seem to find a specific 85 SX kit, and I want to know would a kit for a Punto Sporting fit??