22nd Feb 2005, 06:51

Had my 1998 Fiat Punto Cabriolet for about one year, bought from a garage for an over the top sum, but I fell in love with it. Problems on purchase, c d player not working, broke down twice, exhaust problem and one unidentified (not happened for nine months), alarm did not work, radio packed in and lastly, but no means least, roof leaked, and I mean leaked. None of the above faults were covered by the 12 month warranty - typical. However managed to get these problems sorted out and it has just passed its MOT with nothing to do. Hope to get a few more years out of her as she is low mileage 31,000 and in very good condition. If you can manage to find one that has done few miles and in good condition you will be lucky, they seem few and far between. Overall, very pleased, quite nippy, although not too keen on the fears, they seem a bit crunchy!!! could somebody e mail me if they have a Fiat Punto cabriolet, so we can swop horror stories. froggyblue312@aol.com

25th Mar 2006, 21:25

I have driven my 1999 cabrio for 33000 km with 15" Fondmetal rims and it's still looking pretty, like a squat frog. I'm especially proud that it's built by Bertone, probably the cheapest Bertone has ever built. My issues are now the wipers and the electric hood which aren't functioning. As a temporary measure, I have released the twist handle on the hood hydraulics, but the wipers will entail a little more. "Is this your wife's car". A usual response when the hood is up, but when the it's down, it looks a bit male and naughty and being a weekend car, I've hardly had the hood up.. Tom Peters, Kuala Lumpur.

29th May 2011, 15:15

I love the Punto Cabriolet. Mine is turquoise which is a very rare colour. I have been looking for one for ages and then travelled miles to get it! I have just purchased it in May 2011 on a T reg with 71000 miles!

I love it. I love the fact that I've paid a grand for mine. Petrol is cheap to run and all these idiots driving round in their heavy convertibles that cost them so much to run. Obviously every soft top costs money to insure but hey it's cheap to run!

I have put a induction kit on mine and alloys and it now runs at 90 BHP, maybe more and no it's not the 1.6. They're the 8v and aren't good! Go for the 1.2 16v! It puts many cars to shame! :)

I would recommend one to anyone. If anyone has written to me and before anyone says anything, BUY ONE.