2003 Fiat Seicento Sporting 1.1i from UK and Ireland




Nothing of as yet.

General Comments:

For a 1100 engine I am surprised of the performance this car has!.

The car is quick from 0-50mph and I even hit 115mph with three people in it.

The fuel comsumption is brilliant.

Recently put shell optimax and have noted a slight improvement in performance and mpg.

Handles excellent with minimal tyre screech in corners, considering how light the car is.

The sporting models have a close gear ratio which means a constant changing of gears and high revs.

I would recommend this car to all ages and looks very good when modified.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2005

4th Oct 2005, 04:48

Hi I find 115 MPH very hard to believe with 3 people in so your claiming that has the same top speed a as 1.6L 16V Renault Scenic which has double the BHP and weights about 400 KG more I don't think so.

8th Oct 2005, 15:35

Hi there, I did hit 115mph, although it did take a while! 0-50 mph would keep up with 2 litre cars.

I have modified the car which might of contributed a little to the performance, ie exhaust, etc.

Sounds like you Want a race? would be much obliged with your Renualt.

23rd Jul 2008, 11:06

Hi, its nice to hear such enthusiasm for a little car, I have been thinking about buying one myself. I just thought you should probably have your speedometer checked, or check the size of wheel you´re running, because the most powerful production seicento, 1.1i, is only capable of 93mph (see any official spec list), so even with an ideal load, perfomance air and exhaust tuning and a long steep hill, I can´t imagine your car could eek much past 100mph!!! dream on dreamer...

27th May 2009, 09:19

I have recently been in my mate's Seicento sporting and we hit 100. There's many factors to consider. It's a bit short sighted to just go on what the paperwork says if you don't know what the circumstances were when the car hit that speed.

The Seicento would beat the Renault in a race if drivers were of equal capability.

2003 Fiat Seicento Sporting 1.1 i from UK and Ireland


Italian pedigree with English charm


Front shock absorbers leaking.

Throttle body needed changing due to revs sticking.

Annoying creaking sounds when handbrake is engaged.

General Comments:

Overall I would say that this car is good looking, quick, good on fuel and sounds good, I love the rasp noise from the engine when you floor it.

Easy to drive and park thanks to the clever power steering system.

Very comfortable to drive.

Nice interior.

Love the front fogs on the sporty front grille.

The shocks and throttle body were all replaced free of charge under warranty, with excellent customer services from Fiat.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2005

2003 Fiat Seicento Mia 1.1 from UK and Ireland


It has been 100% reliable so far and puts a smile on my face during every drive!


No faults so far.

General Comments:

The Seicento feels better built than the Cinquecento that I previously owned.

The 1.1 engine is nippy and quiet at idling. The power steering makes this a very easy car to drive!

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2003

2003 Fiat Seicento Sporting 1.1MPI from UK and Ireland


Go-Kart that needs a little more grunt


The engine started to knock on startup so I took it back to the dealer and they tried to fob me off, but he made a fatal mistake in fobbing me off by trying to tell me it was an common problem with the old 900cc fiat engines which this car had got! I called him a liar as I know an awful lot about cars, I demanded that he ring the fiat technical service line while I sat there. He obliged, the phone call ended and he was incredibly apologetic and immediately booked my car in the next morning. Strange creaking from rear suspension, cured this myself by replace suspension with Spax RSX kit, (

General Comments:

Standard suspension was very good around the corners, but sat a bit high. I soon replaced this with a Spax RSX kit which lowered the car 50mm. I also fitted 15" Oz Superleggera lightweight wheels with 35 profile supers-ticky rubber, as close to slicks as legally possible. Now I can guarantee it handles better that a go-kart! Next I plan to try and squeeze a 1.4 16v Renault engine and 5sp gearbox into it. Why Renault I hear you cry, well it because they have a very small gearbox compared to other manufacturers, Hey if a Civic Type-R engine and box would fit id have it!

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2003

29th Aug 2003, 05:58

Having just read a crash test review of this car, I can't help wondering why anyone would want to make it go faster. The review indicated that in a collision at anything faster than walking pace, the driver would be seriously injured.

Perhaps all boy racers should be made to drive these cars; it might just make them slow down?

2003 Fiat Seicento Sporting Abarth 1.1 from UK and Ireland


Its the BMW of go-carts


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Surprising performance to about 40mph, and then it runs out of steam a little, although it will do 80mph with little effort. The gear change is OK, but not great.

The steering is light and direct, and inspires confidence. Not too much body roll up to about 50 mph, but don't try to be a rally driver much above that!

The stereo is fairly good, with a range of sound settings, and a clear sound. Looks boring though.

The seats are comfortable, but ride can be a little bumpy.

Its quiet, and very economic, 280 miles cost me £23ish, at about 75 pence per liter.

Its great fun round town, it feels fast, and fairly solid. It handles motorways as well, but don't get cocky with your overtaking.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2003