7th Sep 2008, 11:12

My 19 year old daughter has had her T reg Seicento Citymatic for nearly eighteen months. Out of that time the car has stood for a year due to A C S light coming on and bleeping and breaking down in the middle of nowhere, and more often than not in the middle of the night. Numerous times she has been in dangerous positions where the car has broken down on roundabouts, motorways etc.

I am stunned that after so many complaints and genuine claims, Fiat are not putting their hands up and helping people out.

My daughter is a student, and as the car is small and cheap to insure, thought it would be the ideal car. It just goes to show how wrong appearances can be.

If anyone has any advice on moving forward I would be grateful to hear from you.

Email me at maz6221@aol.com.

11th Sep 2008, 14:29

Hi. bought Fiat Seicento Citymatic 3 months ago, with 93000 km from 1998.Wanted to drive for a year before buying a new car. Now the gear died. The car repair would be 18000 Dkk its about 1800 GBP! Fiat here in DK said they will convert the car into manual at the cost of 12000 (1200 GBP). When I raised a question about the problem and that the actuator that failed was produced in 2006 they said that they had VERY few failures, but nothing could be done. Interestingly however the first offer was not to replace the actuator but to convert it immediately into manual. Both we and our family members wanted to buy Grande Punto next year, and after what I read and experienced first hand, FIAT is out of my list. I will go for OPEL Corsa, Mazda 2, or Renault Clio as a compact vehicle.

22nd Sep 2008, 14:06

Hello again, everyone.

First I must say that I am appalled that people are still having problems with their Citymatics, but at the same time pleased that many of you have found this thread and are making useful contacts, especially from the helpful Jill Bayliss.

I apologise for not returning to this thread earlier - I had not realised how so many of you referred to my 'blog' which used to be at


Unfortunately that web page no longer exists, but I have re-uploaded it to: (LINK REMOVED AS THE SITE IS DEAD)

Should anybody wish to use it as a reference.

Good luck to all concerned.

C Miller.

30th Oct 2008, 18:55

Hi another mug here who has bought Citymatic. Only had it 3 months, done about 800 miles and guess what, no gears. I was lucky it was parked outside my house. I am disabled. that's why I bought this car; I can't hold the clutch in for long periods of time. The Fiat garage quoted me £1000. I am on benefits, and I have had a triple bypass. I can't walk far and the stress is giving me chest pains. I am left without a car now, but after reading these notes on here, I'm going to get on to Fiat.

If anyone can give me a copy of their paperwork to show they have had it converted to manual by Fiat, I would be ever so grateful. The more sent to me the better. Please ring me on 01803 325419, my name's Tony. Please, any help I would be so grateful.

All the best everyone, take care, Tony.

1st Jan 2009, 12:02

I bought a Citymatic as I had no problems with my previous sporting manual, only as it was written off in a crash. I have had it 5 weeks and I got in it yesterday and it would not start. I thought the battery was low so I purchased a new battery and it still does not work. I am so annoyed as it will cost a fortune to fix, think it may have been the cold weather but it's shocking that Fiat have not done anything to rectify it. I had problems getting it into gear, and to put it in reverse you have to put it in first gear then into reverse. It's only done 25 thousand miles and ready for scrap.

11th Feb 2009, 06:24

Don't bother scrapping it, just phone up Fiat and say you want them to fit a manual gear box at their expense, I did and the car was great afterwards. I did have to threaten legal action and compile a load of evidence with help from a few people on here, but it paid off. Would have cost nearly a £1000 at a Fiat dealer to refit a manual conversion, they did forget to connect the speedo though then blamed me, numb nuts..... why would I disconnect it? LOL.

Anyway, all in all, my Seicento is now registered as an SX on the log book and I sold it for more than I bought it. Shame though wish I had kept it ;(

11th May 2009, 09:11

Hi everyone.

I bought my Citymatic in 2007. Very low mileage and great condition. Had to have the actuator replaced end of 2008 at the cost of £1000, and guess what, I was out today and the car won't go into gear again. Have been towed to my local Fiat dealers and am waiting for a reply from them as to what is the matter, but after reading all your comments, I think I know what's wrong (fingers crossed it isn't). Any ideas on how I go about having it converted to manual??? Should I just ring Fiat head office and complain???

Thanks di.

2nd Oct 2009, 15:20

Hi, another mug here. Bought one of these cars for my wife, and 2 weeks later it the actuator has gone. It's a 1999 model that has had about 2 new actuators in the past, but it has done 51000 miles. I feel it should be better than that.

I am looking at converting it to manual. Any help please or offers to do it?

Anyway, I have called Fiat, not sure what is going to happen as yet.

You can mail me on firewood_er@yahoo.co.uk

22nd Dec 2010, 15:41

I bought a 1999 Fiat Seicento Citymatic. At 44,000 miles approx my actuator went. This was dangerous, as it suddenly failed on a busy main road. Asked Fiat how much it would cost to have the car converted to a manual - cost around £1000.

Luckily I found a guy in Bristol who converted my 1999 Fiat Seicento into a manual for £400. He's done quite a few Citymatics, as this is a very common fault.. where the actuator will just repeatedly fail. He has mastered what I'm told is a tricky job.

This was around 2 years ago, and since then I have not had a single issue with my Fiat, and have been happily driving it as a manual.. no issues at all. He did an excellent job.. well worth just going to him and having it converted to a manual, I wouldn't bother with a replacement actuator.

His number 01179554275.