1st Jun 2006, 14:40

I found tyres at the first tyre dealer I checked out for about £35.

The only weak spot I know about the 'cento is the handbrake cable which fails regularly.

But I am very happy with my Seicento Suite, Its got the 1108 engine and very nippy, decent handling and the finish for a small Fiat is nice. Unfortunately there are such things as "Friday" built cars which can be rush jobs, but warranties should cover that. I am the third owner of mine and it has been regularly serviced. The radiator was replaced under warranty as it had been holed by a stone, and the rear wash wipe motor had been replaced. But it still was within Fiats EIGHT year anti corrosion warranty.

Yes 8 years. that's a long time for any car.

19th Jul 2007, 17:59

This news is very worrying to me, as I am about to buy an 02 reg Abarth Seicento Sporting, as a cheap, but nippy car to get me to uni.

I know about unreliable cars, as I currently own a Clio, and I hope very much that my driving style, which I admit can be boy-racerish, will not ruin what looks to me like a really neat car.

I was however recommended this car by a friend who has owned TWO, and these have not had any mechanical problems whatsoever.

P.S if anyone would know: could you by any chance fit a sub/amplifier system in the boot??


17th Nov 2007, 01:12

Tyres are not expensive.

If you live here in britain... a tyre named "sonar" can be purchased for £40.

Much cheaper than Pirelli or Goodyear.

6th Jun 2009, 06:53

An answer to a question asked before, yes you can fit a sub/amp into the boot. I have the 1999 Seicento Sporting Abarth and have 2 12" 1200W subs in the back of mine :)

22nd Dec 2009, 02:55

I owned Seicento Sporting. The problem with this car is the clutch cable that always snapped. My advice is not to buy this kind of car...

6th Mar 2010, 10:57

Well, let's see, I have a 1998 1108 SE 2ND hand. The car was in horrible service condition.

1- Gas/Petrol tank rust and falling apart on this car. There was a recall, and of course mine did not made it, Fiat gave me the run around.

2- Emergency cable broke, cheap fix, did it myself. 16 euro.

3- Rear left light bulb out, rear windshield wiper motor rust in shaft, pulled apart, put grease on it and fixed for free, did it myself.

4- Car running rough, filter and spark plugs replaced, 30 euro.

5- Clutch cable snapped, what a pain to replace, 32 Euro.

6- Now clutch went out, will not shift 1,2 or 3rd. Estimate 400 Euro. I think this is too expensive for this car.

7- Radiator falling apart in tiny rusted pieces. 100 euro, did it myself.

8- Belt broke, left my wife in the middle of the road.

Ah, I forgot to mention, this is in the last 7 months.

Should I keep going?

I had several cars, and have done basic service and maintenance to all, and did not have so many things go bad in 7 months.

For us, we're selling the car next week!!!