1994 Fiat Tempra SLX 2.0L from UK and Ireland




So far nothing has gone wrong with this car. It has been well looked after, only 1 former keeper. It looks like it came straight from the showroom.

General Comments:

The car handles very well, and is quick. In the night, you think you are in a spaceship with all the lights.

I think the SLX has everything a new car has today, and more. It has plenty of room for 5 people and a big boot to match. It has a galvanised body, so it looks like new. Very comfortable seats, and you stand out in the crowd. Not many of these cars around now. It's good to be different.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2006

1994 Fiat Tempra oro 2.0 from Argentina


Excellent ride at a low price


Water pump failed at 120.000 kilometers.

Power locks stopped responding with no reason.

General Comments:

After 11 years of use it still looks like new.

Really great cruiser, very comfortable.

Lots of interior and trunk space.

Reliable engine.

Surprising easy to park in tight spaces for a car it`s size.

The 2.0 carburetor engine responds great at low and high rpm.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2005

1994 Fiat Tempra SLX 2.0 IE from Colombia


A best buy for the price


My sunroof died and I cannot repair, I cannot find spares for it.

Suspension is very sensible.

General Comments:

The car stays in good shape, after ten years of use, it looks like new.

It is very comfortable, my wife and I are very tall.

It has a very good torque, in a long mountain climb, the Tempra can keep high speed.

It has a very strong structure, I've had two accidents and the structure maintains a good shape.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2004

28th Sep 2004, 04:24

I'm a very happy Tempra Owner in Colombia too, found the whole package of accessories for a really low price. The car performs very well, though it is highly underrated by the general public. Recommended for all those who know what to look for in a car.

1994 Fiat Tempra 1.9 DS 1.9 norm diesel from UK and Ireland


A good car spoilt by build and design faults


I got the car because it was cheap, and I quite like the looks. It has since had a good few faults occur, including;- (1) Fuel Gauge intermittent,

(2) Heater blower intermittent,

(3) Water leaks,

(4) broken ashtray,

(5) corroded connectors on external electrical items ie. Headlamps and tail lamp.

(6) Cheap and flimsy switch gear, "tinny" plastics.

General Comments:

However, the car handles very well and feels stable and secure on corners.

The Diesel engine is quite noisy and lacks power on the road, it has good low-down power though.

I quite like the styling and has a more grown-up look compared to the Tipo.

The dashboard looks like something out of an 80s VW, not pleasant!

There is very little rust and the shell seems to be very solid.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2002