1995 Fiat Tempra Station Wagon SLX 1.8 i.e. from Belgium


An underestimated Italian beauty


Digital dashboard went down.

2nd gear synchronization broke down at 20.000 km.

Right hand side electric mirror doesn't work since one year, still isn't repaired because of the high costs for this part (£200).

Ignition in 1st and 2nd cylinder went down, so I was driving with a 0.9 i.e. instead.

Lambda sensor had to be replaced.

The central locking works on the 4 doors, but sometimes it refuses to lock the 5th door.

General Comments:

Very solid car, it gives you a very safe feeling when you're driving it.

Good acceleration, but the brakes are a bit on the feeble side.

The interior looks very up-to-date, especially with a digital instrument panel and the grey alcantara seats. Besides, the driver's seat has got a very comfortable arm rest.

Like any other Italian car the looks are great, especially from the side and the back.

The engine is a bit under powered below 3.000 RPM, but once you hit this 3.000 revs it will propel you to speeds that are far above admissible.

Unlike in other countries, the dealers here in Belgium are very good and friendly (read the other reviews).

The car is very rare in Belgium and you won't see another SLX version on our roads, because mine has been imported from Italy! A unique piece of Italian craftsmanship in Belgium :-)

Not that positive; it's a very thirsty car, you won't get it below 11 liters/100 km (= 2.42 gallons/60 miles, = 24.79 mpg).

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Review Date: 13th May, 2001

10th Aug 2002, 16:13

I have a Tempra 1.6 i.e. (159B9.000 engine), and I find the fuel usage to be very good for a large car as it is.

She runs me 100km in 8.0 litres of Shell "Pura" petrol or in 8.6 litres on standard euro95 from the cheapest gas station in town.

This is using it 50% in city traffic in the city of Rotterdam and the town of Delft, and 50% highway.

It makes a _lot_ of difference what speed you drive on the highway. If you keep it at 3000-3200 RPM (120 km/h) she runs very economically. Usage goes very quickly upwards when you drive 140 or faster (e.g. 4000 RPM). But it is tempting to drive faster in this car, she likes that :-)

1995 Fiat Tempra S 1.6 (159A3000) from El Salvador


Simply nice car!!!


The rack and pinion power steering sounds when traveling across a bad street, but it was already repair by the dealer.

The electronic ignition sensor becomes dirty fast.

General Comments:

Beautiful car, very comfortable seats, great styling, and powerful engine (even more if you fit it with Bosch platinum + 4 spark plugs and K&N air filter), very stable for a car of this weight.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2001

1995 Fiat Tempra S & SX 1.6 from Malaysia


Recommended investment solely for Italian car lovers


I own two Fiat Tempras respectively the S (analogue) & SX (digital) version.

The more reliable one has been the SX despite the fact I am an preventive maintenance owner. I love and enjoy my Fiats & would not hesitate for a newer Fiat ONLY if the local support was more reliable & precise in service.

Spare parts are eractically priced.

Fiat Italy should also continuously ensure that models exported to the far east should be totally climatized for local conditions. Right now, I seek experienced mechanics to do the job.

General Comments:

Recommended to all drivers though not a fast car, but a very comfortable and safe car.

Shape is now beginning to look dated especially the front lights, but the side view remains beautiful.

For general knowledge, my father has owned Fiat cars since the late sixties from 1100 D, 124 ST, two 131s (1982 & 1983) followed by myself two Fiat Tempras (1995).

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Review Date: 5th March, 2001

8th Oct 2002, 03:07

Your stories and experience increase my confident toward my FIAT TEMPERA (1.6). May I have your contact number, which I can share a lot of thing with you. I'm new in FIAT so I need to know a lot of things from you. My email is samsudin66@hotmail.com please response my comments. Thank you.

13th Oct 2005, 03:25

I am an owner of Fiat Tempra SX version. I've own this car since middle 90's and it is my second Fiat as before this I've own Fiat 131 (car used to learn to drive). Actually almost all the members of my family are a Fiat fan. My brother also drove a Punto. What I can comment about Tempra is that it is a very comfortable car to drive, fast, safe, stable and strong. It is more towards a family car. But one thing I could not stand is that the maintenence of Fiat is so high and even difficult to find for spare part.

If there is other Fiat Tempra owner or any other type of Fiat owner who likes to share their knowledge and information about Fiat cars please e-mail me at ash_borhani@yahoo.com.Thank You.

1995 Fiat Tempra ie 2.0 injection from Turkey


It's just for driving


You can hear the tires spinning, especially on rough surfaces.

Build quality is inadequate.

You can hear crackles from the dashboard.

General Comments:

It's the car for someone who wants a real sport car which is cheap. When you step on the gas pedal, you can hear the sonorous sound spread from the exhaust. It provokes you to climb to higher revs. The engine is sluggish at low revs, but when it reaches 3000rpm it wakes up and begins to rev fast, up to 7500.

Any given order to the gas pedal, results in power immediately. And you are not disturbed by any system like ABS, ESP, ASR..(etc)

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Review Date: 29th January, 2001

14th Dec 2004, 12:36

I had a white Tempra Turbo Diesel Estate for two years and loved it. The digital readout instruments were novel at the time and disliked by some, but not by me. The speed was easy to see in a big red number above everything else. It was a lovely reliable car that was uncommon and distinctive. The only fault was a persistent rattle in the rear door that I was never able to cure. Otherwise- it went like a ferret up hills, accelerating past others struggling and panting. One advantage of diesels is the lack of wiring that much reduces ignition problems. Under the bonnet, it's all pipes!

Mike Hamlett-Wood.