1992 Fiat Tipo Sedicivalvole 2.0 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Rare alternative hot hatch that's huge fun


Rev counter died

Gear linkage became excessively "baggy"

Driveshaft oil seal leaked.

General Comments:

My uncle had this car from new, and was looking to change it, and when I changed jobs last year and had to hand my company Focus back, we did a deal and I took it off his hands.

A rare car, the Sedicivalvole is the "hot" Tipo, packing a 2.0 16v (hence its name) engine with 148 bhp, a full Recaro interior and a tasteful bodykit. It's plenty quick enough too - 0-60 somewhere between 7.5 and 8 seconds and about 130 top whack. My Focus (2.0 with a supposed 130 bhp) was nowhere near as quick. Blame modern kerbweights. The 16v Tipo received good reviews from the motoring press at the time who rated it as a worthy contender in the hot hatch arena.

The car handles sharply and has lovely steering. This particular example has the optional Recaro interior which has quite the most comfortable and supportive seats I've experienced. Dash plastics are poor as you would expect from an 80's designed Fiat, but it's actually surprisingly well put together. The car has been very well looked after to be fair, but it's also been used, and has stood up well.

Good as my Focus was, I just find modern cars with their EU silenced exhausts, half a ton of crash regulation kit and gutless emission compliant engines completely anodyne and dull. Hence when I chopped in the company car, I didn't want to join the legions of robots signing their lives away on finance agreements for cars which haemmorhage money faster than a local authority at year end, and which unless you're spending £20k+ are boring to drive.

Hence my interest in this Fiat which, by comparison is rorty, sharp and has a few rough edges. If you were being purely analytical, the Focus (or any of its modern rivals) are far better cars, but if you factor in driver involvement, fun and acoustics, old cars win every time. And the late 80's to early 90's was the golden era of the hot hatch. And the total cost of the car was less than the first few hours depreciation on a new Focus or equivalent.

Yes there have been problems, but as someone not averse to getting my hands dirty, costs have been reasonable. The rev counter died and was simply a loose multiplug on the back of the instrument panel. An hour and zero cost to rectify. The gear linkage needed some new parts and cost me £40 plus a couple of hours, and the driveshaft oil seal I couldn't be bothered with, and my local small garage handled for the princely sum of £100 all in. It starts first time, hasn't let me down, and the galvanised bodywork still looks good.

If you fancy something a bit different that's a grin a minute to drive, but still perfectly useable, hunt down a Tipo 16v.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2004

10th Feb 2006, 17:11

I have a Tipo 1.6 i.e., and I thought to buy a 2.0 or 2.0 16V, but It is hard to find a one in good condition. Anyway, I could agree with all you sad in the review. Long live the Tipo - the best car in the world!

16th Nov 2009, 03:36

Great review, though, looking at the dates you'll probably be long gone. But, yes I couldn't agree with you more than the argument that today's sanitised, robotised, galvanised offerings simply can't offer the joys of a previous generation of machine. True they stand up safety-wise, but the wheezy engines, though improved have to lug around at least 2-300 extra kilos. Frugal if light-footed maybe, but try driving them hard and watch the fuel disappear. I had a similar experience giving up my work mondy and commuting in a Tempra - the booted version. I'd have to say, though the Mondy rides nicer, the Tempra brings out the driver in you more - fantastic steering feedback, and eats corners for breakfast. Far less tyre squeal than the Ford too. Less protestation. I could go on, but to sum up, these cars were MILES ahead of their time.

1992 Fiat Tipo Smart 1.1 from Portugal


Wonderful car at a very nice price


New clutch at 50,000 km.

New small rubber pipe that connects to the gasoline filter, at 62,500 km.

General Comments:

Great car. Good construction, spacious, cheap maintenance.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2004

2nd Apr 2004, 00:20

I am having Fiat Tipo 1.1 for at least 5 years and I am very happy with it.

For all these years I had not any bigger problems with engine, electronic only problem that I have had experienced is transmission, but that happened few days ago and it has something to do with engine holders.

It is a great car!