1987 Fiat Uno 45 Fire 1.0 petrol from France


Door window glass mounting broke at about 100,000 km (both sides); exhaust tube rusted through (~110,000); tailgate window glass washer pipe broken; rear lamp cluster badly grounded - developed "cross-blinking" at ~130,000 km.

General Comments:

A very nice, cheap and reliable car; not too great performance but managing up to 150 km/h on a highway. No real trouble in three years with any vital part (engine, suspension, brakes, steering..)

Worth the money and more.

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Review Date: 18th April, 1999

29th Nov 2000, 05:01

I am 17 and own a Fiat Uno 1.0 i.e.

I am a bit of a boy racer and tended to lose out a bit to my mates. I decided to add a full system sports exhaust to it, plus Spitfire sparkplugs and HT leads, not forgetting the K&N airfilter.

Along with my modifications, alloys and bore exhaust, the performance has changed and it looks like a Turbo. I would give it an 8/10 for performance not a 6.

Paolo Di-Mascio.

3rd Mar 2001, 12:12

I have owned an Uno 45 Fire 1.0 1988 vintage for five years. In all that time, and nearly 60,000 miles (20 thou on the clock when I bought it) it has only ever let me down once when the wiring under the distributor cap wore away. It was cheap to fix and was running fine again the next day.

The only items I have paid for in keeping this car on the road, other than consumables, have been steering rod gaitors (x2) and a wheel bearing.

It is not a fast car, nor is it glamourous. It is, however, the most reliable vehicle I know of. Rust has never really been a problem, although signs are appearing on the passenger door.

I rarely clean it; it gets a decent service once a year from my local (non-Fiat) garage; for short to medium distance runs, and as a reliable town car, I would heartily recommend this vehicle.

Tom from UK

27th Aug 2001, 08:04

I've got a 1987 Fiat Uno 45 with the fire engine (it also has attractive uno45 decals up the side - nice!).

It's my first car, I bought it last year from a vicar's son. It runs perfectly and I am more than happy with it. The first MOT I took it for, it failed and it cost £215 to get right. Since then nothing major has gone wrong with it. The choke cable snapped (but it was the man from the AA who yanked it until it did and they wonder why I don't want to rejoin).

It's a fantastic little vehicle.

Phil (UK)

PS, the car's name is Doris.

1987 Fiat Uno 60s 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Gearbox blew up at about 90,000 miles, when inspected clutch release bearing had shattered as well!

Window winder mechanism (drivers side).

Exessive smoking of engine pointed to blocked breather system.

Ignition barrel.

Fuel pump went at 70,000 miles.

Electrical problems with various lights.

Brake caliper (o/s).

Brake discs warped at about 75,000 miles and replaced on the first MOT test.

We discovered that the whole floorpan was rotten and in fact most of the car was rotten and we're not just talking rust here!

General Comments:

Absolutely terrible - I know other people with Fiats and they all seem to experience similar problems with build quality etc.. JUST STEER WELL CLEAR (oh and the car was eventually sold for scrap).

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Review Date: 14th March, 1999

1st May 2001, 10:08

Sounds suspiciously like the first owner didn't look after it to me...

28th Apr 2005, 03:03

Not neccessarily the case re 1st owner. My wifes 1st owner Uno Mia rusted before I could blink an eye - and I mean RUSTED - everywhere and within 24 months and under 15,000 KMs. Still got the car and in everyday use. Goes like the proverbial bomb, but the rust is disgusting!! Live in a sea side city in R.S.A. every Uno you see has rust in exactly the same places. That should tell you something about the manufacture!!

1987 Fiat Uno Turbo i.e. 1.3 turbo petrol from Sweden


Oil leaking from turbo.

Bad grounding.

When regulator belt broke it came between the timing belt and wheel, which meant the timing belt broke. But the vent's can't break on this model, lucky me!

Handbrake.... etc..

General Comments:

If you learn to love the car and live with the problems... When it works it's SO FUN to drive that it's worth all the problems.... A hint how to love the car: Install bleedvalve, and kick the BMW owner's ASS!

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Review Date: 21st February, 1999