1988 Fiat Uno Standard 1.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Fun, reliable, cheap on gas car


Nothing went wrong with the car, but it was only nine years old when I bought it. I am not sure how reliable it would be now.

General Comments:

It was a good little car. Cheap for petrol and fun to drive.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2011

1988 Fiat Uno IE start 1.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


It is good cheap and reliable and if treated well it will serve you well


The car has been generally reliable though the body work became tatty after six years of usage.

The door handles have been replaced twice because they broke.

The seats have not aged well and much of the covering is frayed.

The clutch has been replaced roughly two years ago and the gearbox currently is dodgy and will require replacement soon.

Also during this period the usual consumables have been replaced like tyres etc.

General Comments:

The car is nimble around town.

It is very economical and seems to do 40mpg even in motorway conditions.

The interior is not the most comfortable and not very durable and has worn badly.

The equipment levels are spartan in comparison to modern standards.

It is However, it is easy to maintain and cheap to run.

It is also cheap to buy second hand as as a friend who lives locally bought his son this model for 200 pounds.

It's reliability is excellent, though when things do go wrong the fiat service stations can be incompetent and send incorrect parts.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2005

1988 Fiat Uno Turbo i.e. 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Truly amazing, but if goes wrong harsh on the pocket


The main problem I encountered on numerous occasions was the breaking of the clutch cable, all in all it must of broke at least 15 times!

At around 75k the gear box refused to go into reverse, but luckily I had a new gear box fitted for £60!

The water pipes seemed to disintegrate and split at about 70k.

I experienced brake lag when they got hot.

I won't mention car cancer - RUST!

General Comments:

Despite all the negative points, this car is seriously quick and a lot of fun.

I never encountered any major engine problems or oil leaks!

The turbo always wanted to boost forever and the power was never shy.

The interior wore slightly, but never the less was quite comfortable.

One sore point was fuel economy, I would put £30 in and get 200 miles back!

Hows that fair!

The mark 1 also held the road a lot better in comparison to the mark 2.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

1988 Fiat Uno CS 1.3 from Uruguay


What you see is what you get, good first car


The car had been involved in some minor accidents when I bought it, even though it appeared very well fixed. As it was owned by a little old lady (really), and had only 13000 km in the odometer, I took the risk.

Overheating at 40000 km.

Radiator punctured at 38000 km.

CV joints went out at 30000 km.

Clutch went at 25000 km.

Steering column upper bolt loose at 20000 km.

General Comments:

VERY comfortable little car. Most cooling system related problems I had with it could be traced to fixing after a minor front end accident.

Peppy engine, easy revving and fast enough for an econobox.

Good gearbox, even though the lady I bought it from obviously drove all the time with her left foot on the clutch pedal.

Thirsty for a light 1.3

Precise steering, although a little too heavy.

Firm seats, giving a confidence feel.

Great driving position, very good visibility.

Horn button on the turn signal stalk, a nuisance.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2004

1988 Fiat Uno 1.0 FIRE from Malta


A brilliant car for beginners


Had to change the pin in the gearbox 3 times in the years we've had it.

Interiors are very cheaply made and start to crack with the littlest amount of sun.

Back screen water pump gone + Pipe always coming out.

General Comments:

Body rusts very early and easily. And just a small bump will dent the body.

The seats are very comfortable, could sit down in them all the time, only problem is they wear out and become very ugly to the bare eye.

At every bump the dashboard and the rest of the interiors of the car just shake and rattle. Always seem to find a different noise accompanying you.

The lights are just there to say that there are lights. Nothing out of this world, actually always have to keep and eye open for surprises.

Performance of the car is brilliant though, for the engine size, and the weight of he care is perfectly calculated to match up for each other.

Fun drive if one is daring.

Brakes work reasnobly well.

Engine likes to be given a lot of water.

Car has a high center of gravity, and shifts completely on sharp turns.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2003