1992 Fiat Uno Start 1.0ie from UK and Ireland


My friends call it


The driver's side door doesn't seem to want to shut and so I have had to tie it up with some para cord.

One of the rear brake lights has stopped working permanently.

The handbrake is at best hit and miss and at worst a damned nightmare.

General Comments:

For a first car I guess it isn't bad, I mean it is pretty tidy to look at, especially if you give it a bit of a clean and stick some front fog lights on it. However, if it's a driver's car you're after I'd advise you to look elsewhere since you really must thrash this car just to get it up to 30!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2002

1992 Fiat Uno ie fire 999cc from UK and Ireland


Cheap and fun


The head gasket blew at 86000 miles.

Leaking oil into the water, also I think the thermostat must be gone (if anyone knows more please comment) because it heats up quickly and the coolant water is always boiling.

New timing belt (just a precaution)

General Comments:

Nice nifty little car, big room inside for back seat play time. handles well. I'm afraid it will just break down at any time though.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2002

6th Apr 2003, 16:56

OK, I have 903cc Uno and when idling the temp will go right in to the red zone! Don't have the money to fix it so I just accelerate hard and the water circulates, thus cooling the engine Sorted!

1992 Fiat Uno Turbo I.E. 1.4 petrol turbo from Croatia




My motor head cracked on 140000 km.

General Comments:

I have modified my uno with o.s.r.a.v. suspension and did little magic to engine.

So 0-100 km/h (0-60mph) in 6 seconds is not bad max speed over 230 km/h (143 mph).

Handling is perfect.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002

1992 Fiat Uno i.e./s 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nice *little* car with a bit (but not enough) of poke


Ball popped out of cup in distributor.

Brake Disc gouged. Problem was due to missing pad clip causing pad to run to metal.

Brake fluid boiled. Needed draining & Replacing.

New Clutch at approx 80000 Miles.

Handbrake useless.

Brakes still dodgy after being seen by three different garages.

New Water pump. Where the metal spindle went through the plastic 'stirrer', it had sprung a leak.

2 sets of New front tyres (down to driving style more than the car). 1 new set of rears (with second set of fronts)

Doors don't fit properly, LOTS of wind noise at motorway speeds.

General Comments:

Point (the steering) and squeeze (the throttle) handling.

Steering is "talkative", you can feel everything the front wheels are up to through the wheel.

Mine is timed "up" slightly and has a modified warm air intake so it goes through the front grille instead of joining from a bracket above the exhaust manifold.

Can keep up with a 1.8 Litre Focus around the country lanes.

Will cruise all day at 90mph on the Motorway.

Runs out of steam at 100Mph.

Will beat most cars to 40Mph, then runs out of steam.

Rev limiter cuts in @ 30 in 1st, 50 in 2nd, 70 in 3rd (I haven't hit the limiter yet in 4th or 5th).

Seats are comfy (even with a bad back).

Engine management system is good. When my lower cam-belt pulley went, the top half of the engine wasn't damaged as the EMU cut it off (at least that's what the bloke at the garage said.

Problems getting New Parts where I live. Took a fortnight for a touch-up pen to arrive!

Headlights are as good as having a candle behind the lenses.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

21st Jun 2001, 20:54

I forgot to say about the exhaust pipe rusting at the end box, and melting the back bumper.

Head gasket blew on the motorway at 3am yesterday. Well it has done 87,000 miles.

-markedmundb (originator of above comments)

1992 Fiat Uno Formula 45 0.9 from UK and Ireland


Practical, economical and good to drive


Gear box leak when bought, rear of the exhaust pipe fell off, not too much really. However, I have spent more than £500 in repair costs and spare parts.

1 front tire needed changing when bought.

General Comments:

A fairly nippy car. Handles fairly well on the motorway and around town. Not bad for a first car.

A lot of space inside as I once carried 6 people in total somehow!

Steering is quite light when driving, however it can become slightly heavy when parking, but not too bad because the tires are quite slim.

Not bad on fuel economy either.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2001

5th Jul 2001, 11:43

It would handle good on the motorway wouldn't it, the motorway is a straight line!

16th Jul 2001, 19:18

I know, but it seems to pick up nicely after around 45mph and goes up to 85-90mph very smoothly and that's what I meant by 'it handles well on motorway'.