1996 Fiat Uno Cento 1.0 from South Africa


Second hand car, expect second hand service


Failed roadworthy.

CV boots fitted, broke soon after fitting of a new one.

Clutch needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

I like the car, but I just can't handle all these problems that are popping up so soon after I bought it.

The clutch replacement quote is R3 300 ($450 or £250 or €300). Does anyone think that's too much?

Anyway, some forums say that I should be getting +-20km on a litre. I get about 17km and would like to know if that's OK, or can I get closer to that 20km mark?

I bought the car for R13500, and spent R4500 fixing the damn thing.

Otherwise, it drives well and is quite nippy. The seats suck though. I like the amount of space it has. I must say the bodywork of my Uno compared to the general Uno's I see is excellent. I wouldn't mind keeping the car, but I would like to get a 1,4 CITI GOLF aka Golf mk1.

Fuel consumption is good though. From a 40 litre tank I get about 500km, and that's with very fast driving and city roads.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2011

13th Jun 2011, 03:45

Well the clutch ended up costing R 3700/ 380 euros/ $545. Plus the mechanic said my rear shock mountings are broken. So I need to fix that as well.

So far my car has cost R14000 + R 1000 for CV joints and boots + 3900 for clutch and handbrake fix. The total cost is R19000 / $2800 / 1950 euros.

I'm so broke this month it's not even funny. After the clutch the car drives wonderfully though. :)

1996 Fiat Uno SX 1.4 from Turkey




Fuel pomp was breakdown at 50.000 km.

Paint started to burn because of the sun and some stain started on the top.

General Comments:

Good alternative for poor man.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2003

1996 Fiat Uno Zest 1.0 IE 999cc from Singapore


A cheap, reliable transport and will not be shamed when covering distances with it


Distributor Cap dead at 97000 Km.

Brake rotors were replaced due to uneven wear.

Radiator flushed and cleaned.

Water pump bearing replaced.

Rear bumper mounting broke on left side.

Brake screeching still present after replacing pads.

Clicking sound when brakes are applied. Can't find the problem.

General Comments:

Had no major work done on it in my 1st year of ownership.

The ride is hard and body rolls during fast turn-ins.

Particular with spark plugs, must use dual-copper type.

Hard to get into 2nd gear, sometimes.

Fuel consumption is good for city use. I get between 11.7 km to 13.5 km per litre of petrol.

Had Twin Surbo fitted and the car drives much better and is more responsive.

The Uno can drive upto 140km/h and stay there for 100+ km.

Comfort is OK once your body get used to the high seat and awkward pedal position.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2002

19th Mar 2006, 07:26

I got about 20-21km/L during the 5 years I own a Uno Zest. Perhaps, some mechanical problem with yours.

1996 Fiat Uno S 1.4 petrol, carburated from Turkey


Poor man's small Ferrari


The only thing I can remember is that the battery went bad the week after I got the car.

General Comments:

Powerful engine for a car its size. The engine revs up quick and it accelerates quite nicely.

The cabin is spacious for the car's size and I didn't know that the seats were that comfortable.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2001

1996 Fiat Uno Turbo 1.4i turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


The turbo, turbo, turbo, and the turbo, oh and have I mentioned the turbo?!? My bicycle has better brakes than this........

General Comments:

No safety standards, road handling horrific, an ultimate turbo coffin on wheels. If you buy one of these, make sure you book a place at the local cemetery, you`re not gonna come out of this one alive.......I`ve unfortunately got two friends 6 feet under to prove it.......

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Review Date: 10th January, 1999

5th Dec 2000, 06:45

I have had two different Uno Turbos before, the last one was a highly modified car. And I have had no problems with handling or reliability.

I do admit that the standard car's brakes are about as useful as a bike wheel with no spokes!

Great fun to drive, enough to scare off many a Golf GTi.

2nd Jan 2001, 16:42

I own an Uno Turbo i.e. Mk.2. It is 10 years old and encountered the following problems:

1. Turbo - due to me playing with overboost.

2. Exhaust manifold - probably a defect.

3. Muffler - wear & tear.

4. Tyres - wear & tear.

5. Clutch slave cylinder - defect of all Uno's.

6. Differential + gearbox case - defect + my extreme driving.

This car is really fast for its size and definitely overpowered. However if you are a careful driver you won't have problems.

Always give regular services, use Selenia Racing oil, Paraflu, etc. and you will have years of driving pleasure!!

I have uprated the shock absorbing system, springs, shocks and put in strut braces (front and rear).

Brakes too have been modified.

In a few words, a cute dangerous treat for speed maniacs.

26th Oct 2001, 17:21

I owned an early (C reg) Fiat Uno Turbo 1299 cc and it was the best fun I've had out of a 1.3 car so far. I never had any mechanical problem with my car, even at 106000 miles when I sold it, it ran perfectly, probably due to it being looked after very well (regular service etc). The brakes on this car were adequate when fitted with decent pads. I showed many a XR2, XR3, GTE etc a thing or two.