2001 Fiat Uno 45 1.0 from Egypt


Cost effective


The body of the car is very soft. I have tried to repair and repaint it many times, but just leave it for a month or so in street and it becomes zigzag. Because I have metallic paint it looks very bad.

The "Idle Activator" thing in the injection model shows problems in adjusting the motor RPM. It requires frequent adjustment (about every 6 months) and is only provided by the FIAT service center.

The A/C is not supplied in this model by the manufacturer. It is very costly to install an original one and is very bad to adapt another one.

General Comments:

The car runs fast accelerates well with 2-3 persons, but as more load is on it, it becomes slower.

It is very suitable to the type of roads found in Egypt (not very well leveled).

The cabin is nice, suitable for 4-5 persons. The seats are comfortable.

The fuel consumption and the general repairs are quite cheap compared with other cars.

The doors are heavy to close, you need to push them harder or fix them with a modification.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th September, 2003